Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I just got back to Indy from Philly. Mom, Keith, and I had a great time. Sadly, I didn't take any pics so you'll have to go to mom's blog to see some. On Sat. mom and I went wedding dress shopping and I found one I love! All 3 of us did some shopping and ate alot of good food!!! I love the seafood on the east coast. Especially the crab and spinach dip. Haha ok maybe not.... But it was a great time. I love seeing my family. It was weird being there without Josh and Kyle though. I miss my boys!! But hopeful I'll see them soon enough.

Today, on my only day off, John and I saw a pitiful looking dog on the side of the road. He was matted in mud, and full of little needles from trees. It was so sad. John and I picked him up, brought him home, bathed, and fed him. Poor guy hasn't eaten in awhile. We named him Luke. Though we're not keeping him. He brought him to the vet to see if he had a chip in him (he doesn't) and we found a rescue place. The lady said she has a home for him with a 5 year old child. He'll probably stay with us for a few days but we're happy he's going to a good home. Riley adores him. He also loves me and is always laying by me so he has stolen my heart already. John says things like "OK boys, lets go play", which also melts my heart, but he's going to a good home.

Look at those eyes!! He's soooo cute!
Today was also 60 degrees so I thought it was time for my first gumbo of the season and it is delicious!! I'll be home to Louisiana in 1 week! I can't wait to see my family and eat some good food!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Everyday I get up 20 minutes before I have to leave, grab a pop tart, and run out the door. I work hard all day long and then come home to a short night so I can do it all over again the next day. John has been home the last 2 weeks. It's been wonderful!!! The house stays clean, my laundry is always done, and most importantly, on Saturday and Sunday mornings I wake up to this.....
Homemade pancakes, sausage and cheese omelets, juice, and a ton of syrup. What more can I ask for? I have been completely spoiled and I love it. Could I have asked for a better fiance'? I don't think so...

On another awesome note, this weekend I am going to Philly to see mom and Keith. I haven't seen them in what seems like forever so it will be a blast! I'm not flying anymore so I can't fly for free, but my Johnboy is still flying, so guess what? Free Flight!! This week is going by so slow because I know Saturday morning I will be on a plane!

It's also a great week because all my TV shows started up again!! I have been plastered in front of the TV with John and we haven't moved! We're recording shows and watching them together. What am I going to do when he leaves tomorrow for the first time in 2 weeks? I guess watch TV : )

Saturday, September 13, 2008


John and I went see "Pineapple Express" last night. It was so funny!! We laughed so hard. John and I have a different sense of humor. I hate movies he picks out and vise versa. So, it was awesome that we both enjoyed this movie.

This is the wall outside my classroom. The center says "September 11, 2001". It seemed that not many people remembered what day it was Thursday. I personally, was in a very solemn mood. I had my class put aside all their "B" things. I cut out red strips and handed them glue. They made their flags. Then I put blue finger paint on the table and let them use their fingers for stars. I had teachers asking why flags? Flag doesn't start with "B". I was like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!" So, I just wanted to share my kids art work with you.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


So today was a great day. Do you want to know why? I usually spend the week all stressed out, only to spend the weekend playing catch up and still a little stressed. This weekend I decided no more! I woke up late this morning, had some breakfast, and went grocery shopping. I had a few other errands but my goal was to be home by 1pm. Well honey I can tell you by 1:30 I was at home in my pj's. I spent the afternoon reading, playing on the computer, and getting some housework done. I also wanted a nice dinner so I made myself some shrimp fettuccine and oh my god! It was amazing!! My day has been so relaxing! For the rest of the night I plan on watching Monk and then going to bed. I don't have any plans for tomorrow either!!! Perfection....
We were studying the letter "A" in school last week. I decided Riley should come visit because he is an "A"nimal. My class and Ms. Michele's class all got to pet Riley. We learned how to be gentle and give kisses and hugs. It was fun. Poor John was a little overwhelmed and can't believes I do that all day everyday. All of the kids in that picture but 2 are mine. Yeah, I know, I have a big class.
This little dude. He's the crazy one in the class. He's so mischievous. I spend the day saying "Dalton, stop!", "Dalton, no hitting!", and so on. You get my drift. But I also spend the day cracking up b/c he's so funny. I correct him, then laugh. Then when he's really in trouble he likes to crawl in my lap and snuggle. How can I resist that!!! He alone makes my emotions run ramped! I'm aggravated, then laughing, then loving him and his snuggles, it's crazy! Just wanted to share him. He's cute as a button! Ok, I'm off to watch Monk and do nothing else all night. Miss you johnboy ; )