Tuesday, December 28, 2010

7/8 Weeks

How Far along: Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks
Total weight gain: A pound and a half (ish)
Maternity clothes: No, but I use my bella band!
Sleep: Depends, some night I sleep all night and some I'm in and out all night.
Best Moment this week:  Our ultrasound! It was so wonderful seeing his/her heartbeat! I've been waiting for that for 4 weeks. Too soon to hear it though.
Movement: Too soon, though apparently he/she is moving it's little arms and legs around.
Gender: I'm thinking boy, but when I have a thought, it's in "her" terms. So who knows.
Labor signs: Hopefully I won't have any for another 32 weeks!
Belly button: It'll be in for awhile
Cravings: Nothing! I don't want a thing!
What I miss: Feeling great most days, but if I need to feel like crap for a healthy baby, then it's totally worth it.
Stretch Marks: Only in my mind
What I am looking forward to this week: Hopefully baby is hitting all milestones. We have another appointment in 4 weeks and by then we should be able to hear the heartbeat.

Still bloat. Sorry y'all.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Go Shorty...

It was my birthday! I wanted to blog more on the post before this one but for some reason it wouldn't let me after Riley's "sleeping" picture. Y'all, I had the best birthday! Nothing like Facebook to know your loved, right? I had alot of well wishing comments. I also had birthday cards, some gifts, and Riley kisses first thing in the morning. John had to go out of town Thursday morning and didn't get back until Friday around 6pm. He brought me home a big chocolate cookie full of m&m's. It looked delicious but seeing as how I'm totally turned off by the sweets right now, it turned my stomach a little. It's the thought that counts though. And he ate my cookie. Anyway, because he wasn't home Thursday night, Riley got to sleep with me. He woke me up with kisses on my face. I'm sure he didn't know it was my b-day but it made me feel special anyway. I like to pretend he knew. So it was a perfect 28th birthday!

John is outside vacuuming the car. Which means Riley isn't allowed in it until after my parents leave. All that hair is too much. It makes me cranky. Last night I swore I was going to take a vacuum to him myself. I'm over it being all over the place. When we had carpet, it was fine. It was well hidden. Now that there's wooden floors, I'm swiffering 3 times a week and it's still not enough. We think he was in the process of shedding his coat when we moved and the weather is so different, it's not sure what to do. So lots and lots of hair. I'm over it. But I love my puppy so I have to deal with it.

Rain Rain Rain. That's all I can say. UUGghhhhh! It's too much. I knew there was a rainy season, I just wasn't prepared for constant rain.  I just looked at the 10 day forecast. All rain. I got an e-mail from the volunteer place that said not to come in the next few days bc there is  supposed to be rain and fog and they don't want me driving out there. (I have to drive on a levy to get to the sanctuary.) So I guess I'll listen?? I'm not sure. I'll see what the weather is like tomorrow and make up my mind. Being pregnant, I guess I'm not allowed to take chances that other people can take. I was looking forward to going, but again, I'll see tomorrow. I'm from Louisiana, I can handle rain! It's the fog that freaks me out. You really can't see anything. On a foggy day, I can look out the window and not see my backyard.

Well, that's about it. Today we are staying in our p.j.s and I plan on reading. I have about 7 baby books to read. They're all different but I like to get an idea of what I'm about to be put through. I hope everyone has a great week. Can you believe Christmas is 6 days away??!!!

6 Weeks

How Far along: Wed. will be 7weeks
Total weight gain: A pound(ish)

Maternity clothes: No, but I bought a bellaband and (of course) the bloat feeling has gone away and I can usually button my pants fine now. I say that but I've only wore I pair since then. I haven't even tried the ones that are actually tight.
Sleep: All night!
Best Moment this week: Hitting the 6 week mark and my birthday.
Movement: Too soon
Gender: I'm thinking boy this week.
Labor signs: Hopefully I won't have any for another 34 weeks!
Belly button: It'll be in for awhile
Cravings: Chik-fil-a spicy chicken sandwich and chicken stew. It's all I want.
What I miss: Feeling great most days, but if I need to feel like crap for a healthy baby, then it's totally worth it.
Stretch Marks: Only in my mind
What I am looking forward to this week: Hitting the 7 week mark and my parents coming out on Thursday for Christmas!!!
 Still all bloat and some remnants of chicken stew :)
 Riley is exciting to be a big brother. This picture of him sleeping is so cute!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


When we moved here, I decided I needed something to do. I've looked for a job (I'm not sure those exist here), I've looked into going to school, and I looked into volunteering. We were also looking into adopting another Golden Retriever until we found out we're going to have a baby. We know it's best not to adopt another dog b/c he/she would be the one to suffer seeing as how we're going to have our hands completely full in 9 months. So then I thought I could volunteer at the sanctuary for Golden's. It's about 10 miles from our house and I really feel that I have alot of love to give to these dogs.

Today was my first day and I LOVED it. Do you see how I stressed the word "loved"? I really, really enjoyed it. The best part is I choose my schedule and I work individually. I don't answer to anyone, I come and go as I please, and I choose what I want to do for the time I'm there. The dogs melted my heart because they all look like Riley's relatives. I'm really excited about going back Monday.

This is my sweet baby laying next to me as I was playing on the computer about a week ago. This picture makes this room look messy but  now all the Christmas stuff has been  put away and all the gifts are sent! Anyway, how could you not want to crawl up next to him and snuggle? He's actually laying on the couch now. You know I can't really leave any room without him following me. I really want a nap now but I'm making crawfish stew for me tonight and tomorrow night. (John won't eat it, unless it's the only thing I cook but I'm having a craving!) And I'm making greek chicken for him tonight. My husband is leaving me tomorrow night. He's working overnight in an area a few hours away and it'll be me and Riley's first night alone. I have yoga so that will take up some time.

We were going to San Fran this weekend for my b-day but it's supposed to rain all weekend long and into the week so we cancelled it and we'll go when they have nicer weather. Well, I need to go check on my food and take a nap, my eyes are closing here!

Monday, December 13, 2010

5 and 1/2 weeks

How Far along: Wed. will be 6 weeks
Total weight gain: a pound, if any

Maternity clothes: nope, but I will be buying a bellaband soon.
Sleep: all night!
Best Moment this week: hitting the 5 week mark and looking forward to first ultrasound in about 2 weeks
Movement: too soon
Gender: I change my mind every day on what I think she/he is. 
Labor signs: Hopefully I won't have any for another 35 weeks!
Belly button: it'll be in for awhile
Cravings: Mexican, home cooking, crawfish, and today: Chik-fil-a
What I miss: Not feeling so "blah" everyday, but I'll take it for a healthy baby!
Stretch Marks: only in my mind
What I am looking forward to this week: hitting the 6 week mark!

My friend Brandy had this up on her blog for her entire pregnancy and I really enjoyed it b/c I always knew what was going on and how she was feeling and progressing. So I adopted it to keep everyone in the loop that I don't normally talk to much. I have a little bump but let me assure you, it's only bloat! Haha. Riley and I are having a good week. I went to get a massage today, but they wouldn't let me do it b/c I need a doctor's note. So, maybe sometime in January I'll go. Otherwise, not too much going on. I think fatigue has set in, I've been sleeping alot. Riley is just hanging out next to me and I'm going to start dinner soon. Talk to y'all soon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


John and I went on a date Saturday night to celebrate our big news. My BFF, Karie, sent me a gift card to this awesome place for my birthday. It has an excellent wine menu but unfortunately I wasn't able to taste test. However, I was happy to eat! We got all dressed up, which we never get to do so that was fun. This is John anticipating the flash. Notice that little thing he's growing under his lip. He's too much!
 Y'all, I had this beef and potato soup and it was to die for! I ate all of it, yes even the carrots and green things.
 O.M.G I'm not sure how to explain how delicious this meal was. I got the Cajun Prime Rib and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. It came with mashed potatoes and corn. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
 I never know how a picture is going to come out because John's facial expressions change all the time! He's barely smiling here but I promise we had an awesome time. Best dinner we've had in awhile! Thanks Kare Bear!! It was a wonderful birthday gift!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Knocked Up!!!!!

John and I are expecting a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are so super excited and obviously couldn't wait to tell everybody! I'm a little over 4 weeks along and due in August. My bestie got me a birthday gift card for a very swanky restaurant in town and we're going celebrate tonight. No champagne for me! I'll post pics from our special date night tomorrow. We're going to keep it off Facebook for a little while longer but I'm sure you'll see it there soon. Our family picture from Thanksgiving is our first picture with all 4 of us in it :) Our first appt. isn't until the end of December so I'll try to keep everyone updated.