Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hey Jude

*Disregard the way I look. I literally had just woken up when John put Jude in bed with me*

Na na na nanananaa  nanananaaa 
(He gets really excited and starts kicking his feet when I would get to the "hey jude" part.)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jude's first trip to the zoo!

On Thursday, Jude, John, and I went to the Sacramento Zoo for the first time. It wasn't that big, but it was nice to get out of the house. Jude, once again, enjoyed himself. I'm noticing a pattern that he's happy whenever we're out doing something. :)
It was sunny out.

Daddy and Jude looking at the birds.

Mommy and Judebug

Strollin' along

Sleeping Kangaroo. We thought it was dead.

John and Jude playing with the camera. Jude looks just like John in this picture.

Family picture

Watching the otters.

Going down Jude's first slide.

Playing with Daddy.

Sophie the big giraffe's



Here are some random pictures that I took with my phone the last week or so.

Show those teeth, buddy!

I added a little red to my hair.

Jude reading his Valentines card.

Ready for the zoo in his new kicks!

Hamming up to the camera at Baby Gymboree yesterday. He moves up to a new class next week!


Jude and I had lunch with Erin and Jackson yesterday and he was out after playing at Gymboree. We also had a wardrobe change because it was so hot.

Getting ready for Easter!

This is Jude's mirror in the car. Apparently he spits alot.

Jude and buddy Jackson

3 friends

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweethearts Dinner

John, Jude, and I headed to the our friends Michele and Russ's house for a "Sweetheart" dinner. They were supposed to have a Superbowl party but their kids were sick so it got cancelled. Michele was really bummed and asked if we could get together this weekend. We were all for it so we, along with 3 other couples and kids, went to their house.

It was a really nice dinner and, as always, we had a fabulous time. There was lots of conversation, laughing, and playing with babies. John and I really love our friends out here. We feel as if they are our family and we spend lots of time with them. We're already planning Easter dinner at our house...

This first picture cracks me up. I was telling Linda just yesterday that seeing all the car seats in one area cracks me up. I forget alot of the time that I'm in this new life that is filed with babies, but I absolutely love it. I wasn't sure I would, but as "they" say, it's different when it's your own. It's also different when your really close to people because then you love theirs as well.

Carseats! And 2 aren't here....

Guys with the boys.
 These next few pictures are of us hanging out with the babies. I love seeing them all together.

 Jude and Ella are good friends. They interact so well with each other. It constantly cracks Michele and I up. Although Jude is waaayyyyyy to young to have a girlfriend, Michele and I talk about how great it would be if we were the "in-laws". I would actually like my sons in-laws. However, he is far to young and I am so not ready for that stage, so for now they will reamin just friends.

Jude smiling with Sophie in his mouth.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jude's Swim Lessons

John got home a little after midnight last night. Wahoooo!!!!!! We are so happy to have him home!! I decided to sit on the sidelines today while Jude and John participated in swim lessons. I know they needed the bonding time and I would be able to take pictures. I took a ton and put 17 of them on here. I did take videos, we just have to figure that out.

Today was the first time Jude was dunked underwater. He went under a few times and never once cried. My big boy had such a good time and had a good nap this afternoon. John really enjoyed it also. Not only will we be going back for next weeks swim lessons, but since John has most of next week off we're going to go to the pool so us 3 can swim. Jude really loves it!
Excited for swimming!

Kick, Jude!

Getting dunked

The baby to the left is 8 months old and has already had 2 haircuts. :)