Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm back from Louisiana. I had a great time during my Christmas break. There was alot of shopping, eating, and sleeping involved. My 3 favorite things. It was good to see my family, I missed them all! Linda made an awesome brisket and rice and gravy one night and pork chops. Believe me, I ate good! I got alot of great things for Christmas this year. My brother, sister, and I at Christmas Eve. I can't believe how old they are getting! It was really great getting to catch up with them.
I had alot of pics but I had to pick and choose. You know how it is. This is one of my many cousins, Annie. She's my girl!

There are like 7 new babies in the family. I got to hold them all and then give them right back when they started crying!! Again I had to pick and choose which picture, but they were all so cute. None of them cried but if they did, I knew I could give them up!

Here's another cutie! Christmas Day we woke up and opened gifts. Right after that I went to my Aunt Christine's house to eat lunch there. Terry made a roast (delicious), then there was 2 stuffed chickens, rice and gravy, green bean casserole with cheese sauce (OMG!!YUMMY). I had myself 3 plates. PaB if your reading this, I went back for my 3rd plate when ya'll left. I didn't want to look greedy : ) I told Christine I was saving up food for when John gets laid off and I won't starve. haha

I think it's safe to say it was good and we ate alot! Brandy was showing me her food baby. Sexy Brandy! I left Sat. morning at 5am and got to Indy by 11am. I was excited because I hadn't seen John in 2 weeks. We spent most of the afternoon at his parents for their Christmas then we went to his best friend Bob's house for another Christmas. We got home at 11pm and John got a call to go back to work. So I had him for 12(waking) hours and he's gone again. Hopefully I'll see him New Years Eve. Today I was back at work but it was good because I have Wed and Thurs. off. Thank goodness. I need a break!! Oh yeah, and all day Sunday I cleaned closets. I get anxious when the house feels cluttered and I felt the closets were cluttered so I went at them! Anyway, whats new with you?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Where do I begin? Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you have a great/wonderful birthday. I miss you. Who knew 3 and 1/2 years ago my life would change? You gave me an opportunity to put my life back together. I lived for your advice. I needed guidance and you gave it. Your not worried about hurting my feeling when something needs to be said and you have no idea how much I appreciate that. I'm a much better person because of you. During those 3 and 1/2 years things shifted. We went from being mother and daughter to mother and daughter who are best friends. You've shown me it's ok to have opinions and to say them. You've shown me strength when I thought I didn't have much of it at all. You've helped me look at my relationship with John in such a better way and we have a great relationship because of it. After long trips flying I would come home to a quiet or not so quiet house and I loved every minute of it. I loved our tv time and we never run out of things to say. I've learned it's ok that we have different opinions about things, but I love that you challenge me with questions about the topic and it makes me know why I have that opinion in the first place. I love how your such a caring, giving, and great mom. I know for a fact that no matter how good or bad life is, you will always be there for us. You've taught me the importance of quality time. I now know how quality time or lack of it can make or break any relationship. We have such a great relationship because we always have plenty of quality time. I look forward to it. I knew after a trip we would have that. And your cooking... where do I start? I know you don't care for it but your great at it! I remember one time, I'm not sure what holiday it was, but right when I walked into the house you had a whole meal cooked and ya'll were waiting for me to eat. I wasn't even expecting it. I always know when your cooking it will be delicious!! It's the comfort food. It always smells so good and we always have a great family dinner. So when I smell your food (and it always smells like Mab's) Ihave that comfort that I'm home and it's going to be a good day.Your always giving and making sure we were/are happy. That's the kind of things that make you a great mom. You take such an interest in your kids. I'm sitting here with tears going down my face but as much as I write I can't put into words what you mean to me. So, Happy Birthday mom. Have a great day and I will talk to you soon. I love you

Monday, December 22, 2008

From Louisiana

Hey ya'll! I still don't have any pictures for you. Sorry! I know I said I would blog last week, but I guess I lied. I have been so busy, and when I'm not busy, I'm catching up on my sleep. My kiddos Hanukkah play went very very good. They were wonderful! The parents were so happy they supplied me with a years worth of Starbucks gift cards. No lying, I got about 7 of them. I'm happy about it because everyone knows I love my Peppermint hot chocolate! Well, I went home and waited for John since I hadn't seen him since the Sunday before. Sure enough he didn't get home until 10pm and Michelle was already in bed. My alarm was set for 4am so you know I was tired!! Anyway, I thought it might be nice to at least say hi to him bc I was leaving in 6 hours and wouldn't see him again until next Saturday. Anyway, of course I was dog tired Sat. morning and some hoochie spilled her OJ on my coach purse. I looked at her like "Oh No you didn't"!!! When that was resolved I finally slept. Now I'm in Louisiana trying not to have a panic attack from the traffic. Holy Moly! What is that about!!?? So now I'm blogging as Brandy is on her way to pick me up for our slumber party and we're going meet Pa-b for dinner. I'll try to have pics next time. Oh and John just left the dock on his cruise ship with his family. I hope he has a great time and brings me back something good! (hint hint johnboy) Anyway, I'll write more later!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Hey Ya'll!!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I have been so stressed at work with our Hanukkah play today. I'm at work now actually. I will blog tonight about my birthday and other things that have been going on. I leave tomorrow morning for Louisiana! Brandy, we still need to pick a night for our slumber party!

I gotta say being a teacher has real perks. Today alone, before 8am, I have gotten a Starbucks gift card and a ton of candy. I have been racking up! It's so sweet of the parents but I do appreciate it! Between Target and Starbucks gift cards, I'm all set! Well, I'll blog later but have a great Friday!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I woke up yesterday morning and got ready for my day of errand running. I ate lunch (because I woke up at 11:00) and watched some tv. I decided to leave and this is what I walk outside to..
Snow. Crazy. There have been a few days of frozen water on my car, but not snow. The roads were terrible. I slipped and slided to where I needed to go and I couldn't wait to get back home. I HATE snow and cold weather. I know there will be more inches of snow in about a month but yuck! I pretty much stayed indoors today and made a gumbo and m&m/chocolate chip cookies. I have my work holiday party tomorrow night and I'm bringing cookies. Not much else is going on. I'll update on weather conditions when it gets worse : ( Ya'll have a great week!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ok, so it's snowing and freezing here. It was 23 degrees this morning. Buurrrr.....