Monday, December 22, 2008

From Louisiana

Hey ya'll! I still don't have any pictures for you. Sorry! I know I said I would blog last week, but I guess I lied. I have been so busy, and when I'm not busy, I'm catching up on my sleep. My kiddos Hanukkah play went very very good. They were wonderful! The parents were so happy they supplied me with a years worth of Starbucks gift cards. No lying, I got about 7 of them. I'm happy about it because everyone knows I love my Peppermint hot chocolate! Well, I went home and waited for John since I hadn't seen him since the Sunday before. Sure enough he didn't get home until 10pm and Michelle was already in bed. My alarm was set for 4am so you know I was tired!! Anyway, I thought it might be nice to at least say hi to him bc I was leaving in 6 hours and wouldn't see him again until next Saturday. Anyway, of course I was dog tired Sat. morning and some hoochie spilled her OJ on my coach purse. I looked at her like "Oh No you didn't"!!! When that was resolved I finally slept. Now I'm in Louisiana trying not to have a panic attack from the traffic. Holy Moly! What is that about!!?? So now I'm blogging as Brandy is on her way to pick me up for our slumber party and we're going meet Pa-b for dinner. I'll try to have pics next time. Oh and John just left the dock on his cruise ship with his family. I hope he has a great time and brings me back something good! (hint hint johnboy) Anyway, I'll write more later!

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Laurie said...

Count your blessings girly, at least you are eating some good food! Try not to have any road rage before christmas! And dang that woman on the plane. You should SMACK her!!! I love you