Friday, December 19, 2008


Hey Ya'll!!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I have been so stressed at work with our Hanukkah play today. I'm at work now actually. I will blog tonight about my birthday and other things that have been going on. I leave tomorrow morning for Louisiana! Brandy, we still need to pick a night for our slumber party!

I gotta say being a teacher has real perks. Today alone, before 8am, I have gotten a Starbucks gift card and a ton of candy. I have been racking up! It's so sweet of the parents but I do appreciate it! Between Target and Starbucks gift cards, I'm all set! Well, I'll blog later but have a great Friday!!!


Laurie said...

You have a great Friday too and I hope the play goes well. And have fun in Lafayette! I love you and miss you.

Rrramone said...

Happy Belated Birthday my sweet! I will send you a proper birthday wish later, but want you to know I'm thinking of you. xoox