Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Pictures

Getting ready for play date with Ms. S

Swim time!

bouncy bouncy

Date night with Erin

loving his stroller ride

his first time on a train

playing after dinner

homemade pizza night

I can't get over how cute he is in his pj's.

Thelma and Cory

John's pizza

David enjoying his pizza

"give me that thing, mom"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is what happens in almost 8 months....

Monday, March 26, 2012

7 Months


Where's Jude?


Can you tell he's teething? He's biting his lower lip.

Happy 7 Months my baby boy!!

He loves his tootsies.

i love my baby

Looking like his daddy here.

Crawl, buddy!!

Where I found him after I left him playing for a bit.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Apparently Jude thinks his daddy dancing is funny. You know, between the straining and all...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Swim lesson report cards..

Today was Jude's last day of his March swim lessons. He recieved his report card today, which had all excellent remarks! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jude cracking up

Music to my ears.

(PS: you hear John saying "boobies". He said it earlier and Jude started cracking up so when he walked into his room he said it again to make him laugh. Ignore him. I do.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I added some art in our dining room. I bought the pictures off Etsy then went to Michael's for the frames.

Playing hard

"Hey Mom"

Chicken Stew
Today we had a play date at the pool. We met with five moms and their babies. It was alot of fun and Jude was worn out afterwards.
"Why are you waking me up, Momma?"...

"Swimming??!! Ok, I'm up!"

Apparently we take up an entire section. The crazy part? There are two other carseat not in the picture. So many babies....

Jude and Ms. S. (I was told by L that I could put her picture on my blog.) As you can see Jude is already falling asleep. This was taken right after swimming. I always feed Jude right after so he'll fall asleep in the car and nap for hours.
John and I decided to throw a St. Patrick's Day party for all of our friends. It was also kind of  a house warming party. We had a TON of fun. After we hang out with our friends, John and I always say how blessed we are to have such wonderful people in our lives here. We no longer dislike it here. I know when we leave it will break my heart to leave our new "family".
I baked mint chocolate cupcakes. They were OMG delicious.

Sabina took some pictures of the babies....
Sweet Ella

The elusive Ms. S.



Jude (while eating lunch)

and good ole' Riley
Riley has had a few rough weeks. About 2 weeks ago John noticed he was cutting their walks short because his leg was bothering him. We also noticed he was scratching his ear alot. The night after our party, Riley stepped on a piece of glass and couldn't walk. We had to wait until the morning to bring him to the vet. They were able to get the glass out, but learned he also has a torn ACL in his back leg, an ear infection, and a mass on his side. We knew about the mass, but wanted the vet to check it out. They said it could be fatty tissue but they can biopsy it to make sure.

This wasn't our normal vet so Riley came home and we scheduled an appointment to check it out next week. But he's on "bed rest" until his leg heals. Poor dog has cabin fever. So does John. John's not quite sure what to do without his nightly walk. (And yes, I meant John, not Riley.)

Jude was trying to get his toy and in doing so pulling up his legs in crawling position. Once again, by the time I got the camera he was over it and that's not at all on this video. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Week

Jude and I have had a busy week. I make sure we leave the house at least once a day to ensure that we both have our social hour. We had a play date with Erin, Jackson, her friend Nina, and Nina's son Evan. Nina was super nice and will be joining us for swimming on Tuesdays.
If there is a jumperoo, Jude is in it.

My beautiful baby

The boys. Jude is 7 months old and Jackson and Evan are 4 months old. They are a day apart.

 L, her daughter Ms. S, Melissa, and Landon met us for a play date at the mall. We let the kiddos play in the fun area for awhile. A little girl, about 3 years old, kept asking if she could hold Jude and bring him around to play. I was being really nice, but finally I said "No, you may not hold him or move him around". In other words, get out of his face little girl! She finally got the hint.

Afterwards, we headed to the food court for lunch. Jude gobbled up his lunch and fell right to sleep.
Tired baby
 Today we met L and Ms. S for library time, then lunch at, where else, Chipolte.

Love his smile
 Jude had me cracking up at lunch today. Taking these two pictures were so hard because I couldn't stop laughing and poor Jude had no idea what was so funny. L handed him a Mum Mum to eat and Jude couldn't figure out where it went.

I'm laughing just looking at these pictures. He thought he dropped it and was looking for it.

During the play date with Erin, Jackson would kick his legs and Jude would start cracking up. Jackson would see Jude laugh then start kicking again. It was so funny watching them "communicate". Erin started talking and that made Jude laugh. Anyway, Erin grabbed her camera to get some of it on tape.