Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So, my friends, I was wrong. Well, I wasn't wrong, the rules changed this week. The new job will no longer pay for us to stay in a hotel and have our stuff stored in California while we look for a house. So that means we have 1 month to find a house and hope that it's in a good neighborhood, decent house, decent commute, ect. This makes me a little nervous but at least were renting, so if it sucks we can move to another house in a year.

On another note, today was John's Bull-In-The-Ring at school. He fared pretty well and didn't walk away with a broken nose or anything. Thank goodness. I'll talk to him more about it at lunch time and I'll update if needed!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


..there really isn't much going on. I flew back to Indy Thursday and spent the day spoiling Riley. Friday I put our house up for rent and already had people interested. One woman actually came see our house and is currently filling out a Rental Application. Today my friend Kate and I went to a House Warming/Their child's first birthday party. I was able to see people from school that I haven't seen in awhile. After, we grabbed Chinese for dinner then headed to our friend Angela's Engagement Party. It was so good just hanging with my girls again. It was like we weren't ever apart. I'm gonna miss these people when I move.

Tonight I'm spending my time planning our six day drive to Sacramento. The FBI will only pay for us to drive about 300 miles a day so I'm looking up places to stay. They will also pay a certain amount for hotels and food. The lowest they pay is $70 (like Cheyenne, WY) a night for a hotel. But other places (like Salt Lake City) they pay alot so we'll be able to splurge and stay at a great place. Plus, it's a little difficult because it needs to be dog friendly. We have to have all of this taken care of by October 8th and turned in to the Bureau so I'll probably try to finish it and have everything booked by next week.

Monday morning I will be saying goodbye to Riley one last time (hopefully!!!) when I head off to Lafayette for a week. I'm really looking forward to eating seeing my family! Of course it won't be like summer because my siblings will be in school, but I look forward to spending time with them. From LA I head back to DC where John will only have 3 more weeks by then. I can't believe how fast everything is going. A part of me still doesn't believe we're moving. It's very surreal and I feel like we're talking about it like it's a year from now. Totally weird feeling.

I feel really busy, yet not busy at all. My list contains things like call Stanley Steamers, call Merry Maids, call moving people and set date, get house leasing info off Internet, ect.There is so much to do yet, nothing to do. I have to be home for most of that, but I won't be back home until Oct. 29. I think I need an assistant. I don't want to deal with all of this. I want the person I hire to say "Mrs. Bray, everything is booked and here's the schedule of everything I organized for you". That would be nice. But I guess I need to put my big girl panties on and get stuff done! I don't feel old enough to have this much responsibility. :)

Well, I'm going read and maybe watch some tv. G'night y'all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My body hurts

All of you (by now) know that I have spent the last 3 and 1/2 months traveling, eating, napping, and relaxing. Riley and I have, what it seems, been on the go forever. But, my sweet friends, that hasn't always been the case. Alot of people keep telling me how lucky I am and how its such a great experience, which it is, but like everything, there's a couple of negatives. With that being said, the negatives certainly do not out-weigh the positives.

We drove 14 hours to Charleston then spent an awesome month with mom. Then we drove 15 hours to Lafayette and had a fantastic month with my family. From there we drove 14 hours to Indianapolis for a week. After that, the Brays and I drove 10 hours to DC to see John. That's when they took Riley home with them. Less than 2 weeks later I was on a plane flying back to Indy to hang out with my child, whom I have missed more than I ever thought possible. My side kick was happy to have his momma home. Anyway, a week and a half later I was on another plane back to DC. In a week and a half from today I will be on yet another plane back to Indy to see Riley, repack, and check my mail. 2 days later I will be on another plane to Louisiana to see my family for another week. Oct. 5 I will leave LA and fly back to DC for the rest of October. Well, that's what I thought until I realized the movers want to check our house out before they come pack so I may be flying back to Indy for a few days then back to DC.

Are you kidding me?

And yes, I'm serious.

My poor dog doesn't have any clue what's going on anymore. It seems like a crazy summer right? But here's the crazy part. The part that barely makes sense to me.

I'm a little bored. Between all of the traveling there's alot of empty time. There's a whole lotta sittin around, eating, naps every day, and that's about it. I know it seems so great to alot of people, but after a few months it gets a little old. I kinda wish I would have gone back to work, even if it was only for a month. However, with that being said, I wouldn't change it. I know what a huge support system I am for John and I know it means so much to him that I am here in DC. For example, next week is his firearms qualifications and I'm going to drive the half hour to see him that night to celebrate (let's hope). Either way, I get to be there to support him. I am the only wife in his class who has this luxury and I want to make the most out of it. Also, with us moving so far I'm so happy I get to spend the time with my mom and Keith, then the Oge's in Lafayette.

Before I came to DC this time, I wanted something to look forward to. I decided to join a yoga class that is 5 minutes away. I'm not kidding. Literally, I get in the car and 5 minutes later I'm getting out of the car. They have a bundled package at a great price for 10 classes. This past Saturday was my first class at 7:45am and it was amazing. Monday night I had a "Hot Yoga" class that kicked my butt. The temperature was set at a balmy 95 degrees. The heat is supposed to make you more limber so you have a better stretch. Y'all! I'm not even kidding when I say I STOOD ON MY FRICKIN HEAD! That class was a doozy. Today, I'm dying. My arms, legs, abs, back, and sides are killing me. Tomorrow I have a class at 9:30am called "My body doesn't bend that way". We'll have to see because I'm not too sure my body will be able to move any way by tomorrow.

Besides being so sore today, I'm really enjoying it. I have alot of time to sit and think and worry about our future so it's really nice to turn off my phone and the worrywart in my head. I feel really relaxed afterwards. Even as sore as I am right now (and as late as it is) I am really looking forward to my class tomorrow. Well, it's almost midnight and my alarm will be sounding that annoying beep beep beep in less than 9 hours so I better head off to bed. Lata playa.

P.S. Tomorrow is 6 weeks until John graduates!! We are SO ready!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Have I ever told y'all how lucky of a person I am? Whenever I go down to Louisiana to visit my family, it can be a little stressful. Sometimes I only get a week to visit and I have to many alot of family members!! God didn't have anyone peeing in his cheerios the day he decided I would be born into the craziest best families in the world. Between all of my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins, there are about a million of us. But it's the absolute best. It's stressful, not because I'm being hunted down, but because I put the stress on myself. I want to see everyone and sometimes it's just not possible. So when I go home I spend all of my time visiting. And I love it. There isn't anything better in this world then quality family time, or hanging out with my aunts, or making bad decisions hanging out with my crazy ass cousins. And my siblings. Just let me tell y'all! Those 4 people own my heart. Parents? Could I have been blessed anymore? I don't think so.

This summer has been perfect. It's been full of family and I couldn't have had a better time. This past Monday it was time to come home. To my "now" home. Indy. And wouldn't you know it, my phone starting ringing when people heard I was coming in! Heard, or read on facebook, whatever. Tuesday I had a 2 hour lunch date with my friend Adrienne and we caught up on her soon-to-be arrival of her twins. Tuesday night I spent the evening with Melissa, John's cousin whom I adore, drinking wine and talking for over 2 hours.Wednesday was my day with Riley when I got to bribe spoil the crap out of him with treats and long canal walks. Thursday I had a 2 hour dinner date with my friend Michele. We gossiped about school. It was so much fun! Friday I had a little over an hour lunch with my friend Kate. It would have been longer but we were on metered time and we had already spent a small fortune just to be parked there. Kate and I have been really close for the past 2 years so it was so great hanging out with her. Friday night I had a 2 hour dinner date with my friend Natalie. She started out as John's friend but I love this girl so I'm excited we got to hang out and talk without the husbands. Next Monday I have another lunch date.

I have lived here 2 years and I have made such wonderful friends.I used to be able to see them whenever I wanted but because of all the traveling I wanted to catch up with them all! These people (plus a few more) have become my extended Indy family. These are the people who love me and care about me and actually want to get together. I have never felt so blessed in my entire life. Now I can be stressed when I go to Lafayette and Indy!! Haha, Just kidding. Anyway, I just wanted to share why I feel like the luckiest person in the world. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Can you believe how fast this summer has gone? I barely remember June, yet I feel like it just passed. John has a little less than 2 months left at the academy. A part of me still wants to use the phrase "It's just 5 months, John, it's going to all be fine" but it's no longer 5 months! It's less than 2. Crazyness. Anyway, he came up to stay with me this weekend. Mom and Keith went to Williamsburg for their anniversary so we had the house and Opal to ourselves. Friday night I opened a pre-made package made homemade chocolate cookies and smothered chicken (his favorite) for dinner. Saturday we decided to make a day out of it by going to DC. We drove to the Pentagon to see the memorial. Actually, not really. We drove to the Pentagon because they have a metro station and a shit ton of parking. The metro by the house was full because Glen Beck was having a little get together downtown. So, we hopped on the metro to DC. We ended up walking to the World War II Memorial. It was fantastic! There were SO many people. This guy was dresses like a pregnant woman holding a sign saying "I want a sandwich". Not sure what he's talking about, but whatever.
Obviously I had to take a picture under the best state in the USA. Apparently this woman also thought the same thing and wanted to be in my picture.

All of these people had their shoes off and feet in the water.

A patriotic man.

John and I in front of the capitol. Not gonna lie, I thought it was the White House for a minute.

Us, in front of the *cough* White House. We said hello to the Obama's for y'all ;) Just Kidding. They wouldn't let us in.
We had a great day and walked a gajillion miles. We headed back to the house around 4ish. After a snack, showers (me soaking my feet), and getting dressed up, we headed to Old Towne. We stayed in that area the weekend the Brays came into town. It's such an old and wonderful little town.

We ate at an Italian restaurant on King Street. We had a little table against the window and were able to talk shit about people watch from our cute little table. Such a great evening!

I left Monday morning and flew home to Indy. I'll be here for a couple of weeks. I got my baby back!! He has been so happy back at home, it's like we were never apart.
I've spent my few days relaxing with Riley and visiting with friends. Yesterday I had a lunch date with a friend from school and last night I had a great visit with Melissa, Johns cousin. I love talking with her! Riley and I had a mommy and me day. Lots of snuggling, dog bakery, and we're about to have a nap together. John should fly home Friday night for the 3 days weekend, but with the hurricane making it's way north, that may not happen. We'll see!!