Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Can you believe how fast this summer has gone? I barely remember June, yet I feel like it just passed. John has a little less than 2 months left at the academy. A part of me still wants to use the phrase "It's just 5 months, John, it's going to all be fine" but it's no longer 5 months! It's less than 2. Crazyness. Anyway, he came up to stay with me this weekend. Mom and Keith went to Williamsburg for their anniversary so we had the house and Opal to ourselves. Friday night I opened a pre-made package made homemade chocolate cookies and smothered chicken (his favorite) for dinner. Saturday we decided to make a day out of it by going to DC. We drove to the Pentagon to see the memorial. Actually, not really. We drove to the Pentagon because they have a metro station and a shit ton of parking. The metro by the house was full because Glen Beck was having a little get together downtown. So, we hopped on the metro to DC. We ended up walking to the World War II Memorial. It was fantastic! There were SO many people. This guy was dresses like a pregnant woman holding a sign saying "I want a sandwich". Not sure what he's talking about, but whatever.
Obviously I had to take a picture under the best state in the USA. Apparently this woman also thought the same thing and wanted to be in my picture.

All of these people had their shoes off and feet in the water.

A patriotic man.

John and I in front of the capitol. Not gonna lie, I thought it was the White House for a minute.

Us, in front of the *cough* White House. We said hello to the Obama's for y'all ;) Just Kidding. They wouldn't let us in.
We had a great day and walked a gajillion miles. We headed back to the house around 4ish. After a snack, showers (me soaking my feet), and getting dressed up, we headed to Old Towne. We stayed in that area the weekend the Brays came into town. It's such an old and wonderful little town.

We ate at an Italian restaurant on King Street. We had a little table against the window and were able to talk shit about people watch from our cute little table. Such a great evening!

I left Monday morning and flew home to Indy. I'll be here for a couple of weeks. I got my baby back!! He has been so happy back at home, it's like we were never apart.
I've spent my few days relaxing with Riley and visiting with friends. Yesterday I had a lunch date with a friend from school and last night I had a great visit with Melissa, Johns cousin. I love talking with her! Riley and I had a mommy and me day. Lots of snuggling, dog bakery, and we're about to have a nap together. John should fly home Friday night for the 3 days weekend, but with the hurricane making it's way north, that may not happen. We'll see!!

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Laurie said...

Glad you are having fun. have a great weekend with John! Love you