Saturday, September 4, 2010


Have I ever told y'all how lucky of a person I am? Whenever I go down to Louisiana to visit my family, it can be a little stressful. Sometimes I only get a week to visit and I have to many alot of family members!! God didn't have anyone peeing in his cheerios the day he decided I would be born into the craziest best families in the world. Between all of my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins, there are about a million of us. But it's the absolute best. It's stressful, not because I'm being hunted down, but because I put the stress on myself. I want to see everyone and sometimes it's just not possible. So when I go home I spend all of my time visiting. And I love it. There isn't anything better in this world then quality family time, or hanging out with my aunts, or making bad decisions hanging out with my crazy ass cousins. And my siblings. Just let me tell y'all! Those 4 people own my heart. Parents? Could I have been blessed anymore? I don't think so.

This summer has been perfect. It's been full of family and I couldn't have had a better time. This past Monday it was time to come home. To my "now" home. Indy. And wouldn't you know it, my phone starting ringing when people heard I was coming in! Heard, or read on facebook, whatever. Tuesday I had a 2 hour lunch date with my friend Adrienne and we caught up on her soon-to-be arrival of her twins. Tuesday night I spent the evening with Melissa, John's cousin whom I adore, drinking wine and talking for over 2 hours.Wednesday was my day with Riley when I got to bribe spoil the crap out of him with treats and long canal walks. Thursday I had a 2 hour dinner date with my friend Michele. We gossiped about school. It was so much fun! Friday I had a little over an hour lunch with my friend Kate. It would have been longer but we were on metered time and we had already spent a small fortune just to be parked there. Kate and I have been really close for the past 2 years so it was so great hanging out with her. Friday night I had a 2 hour dinner date with my friend Natalie. She started out as John's friend but I love this girl so I'm excited we got to hang out and talk without the husbands. Next Monday I have another lunch date.

I have lived here 2 years and I have made such wonderful friends.I used to be able to see them whenever I wanted but because of all the traveling I wanted to catch up with them all! These people (plus a few more) have become my extended Indy family. These are the people who love me and care about me and actually want to get together. I have never felt so blessed in my entire life. Now I can be stressed when I go to Lafayette and Indy!! Haha, Just kidding. Anyway, I just wanted to share why I feel like the luckiest person in the world. :)


The Oge's said...

Awww!! We love and miss you too and can't wait to
stress you out again!!

Lin, Zack, Katie, and Dad

Laurie said...

yea, me neither!