Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This weekend I went visit John in Dumfries, VA. It's about 5 miles from Quantico. There are so many classes going through training that once a class gets to 10 weeks, they are moved to hotels. Johns roommate, Jeff, flew his girlfriend to town and they were staying about 20 miles away so I took up residence in their room.

Saturday we went to Ikea. We are currently looking for a new bedroom set so we wanted to check that place out first. I didn't see any furniture I loved, but I saw everything else. I want it all. I LOVE that store! If we weren't incorporating the 'european lifestyle', I would have bought some stuff! After stopping for lunch, we headed to the outlet mall (it's huge) and then went see a movie. That night we had drinks and dinner with a friend of John's. Sunday was a relaxing day.

This weekend my mom and Keith are going away for their anniversary, so John will be spending the weekend with me here as we dog sit Opal.

I'll be flying home(to Indy) next Mondayish. Not 100% sure on the day yet. Y'all, I'm totally falling back asleep typing this so I'm out!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Here and There. Quite frankly, everywhere.

All of you know I have been on-the-go since June and I haven't stopped yet. I am now sitting pretty in Alexandria, Virginia (close to DC). I arrived last Thursday with the Brays in tow. John joined us Friday night. We lived it up during the weekend shopping, eating, and most importantly, drinking. Most of you know I'm not a big drinker (unless I'm partying it up like it's 1999) but when the Brays are around I seem to consume more wine than usual. I hadn't seen my husband in 6 weeks so it was really great being able to see him. Monday morning I moved my stuff to my moms house while the Brays were making their way back to Indy with my child. That's right. Riley and I parted ways. We said adios amigo. Chow. See you later alligator. And I miss him. My heart was ripped out of my chest when I had to say goodbye. If I have a hard time with this kind of guilt, what will it be like with kids? I think I may be the type to let them play in the street all the while making sure my sweet puppy is inside safe with me. :) But then again, maybe not. We'll just have to see. When the dog is away, mommy will play. While my husband is working himself to death, I am relaxing and hanging out with mom. We haven't been doing to much, just watching lots of TV, some cooking, a movie ("Eat, Pray, Love", we loved it!!), and making plans for things to do in September when it's cooler and all the hoodlums errr... I mean kids go back to school.

John and I will head home Labor Day weekend but we'll only be there Saturday and Sunday. It will be good for us (me, John, and Riley) to be at home again living our little life for 48 hours. John has 10 weeks of school left then we'll be heading to Sacramento. I'm actually getting excited about it. I spoke with his boss's wife, who was SO nice, and she was able to give me a ton of information. I'll be going out west early October to check things out. I think Thelma may come to. Which will be fun, Napa is only an hour away!

Well, I'm cooking dinner now (smothered chicken, what else is new??) and I need to check my Facebook so I'll catch up with everyone soon!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tweet, or is it Twit...

Last night was a long one for me. I decided to head to bed after watching numerous episodes of The Nanny. Riley and I climbed the stairs around midnight when I decided I needed to check my facebook one last time. It doesn't matter that I had checked it not a hour ago. After checking facebook, I need to make sure my bloggers haven't posted something in the last hour as well. Next thing I know I'm laughing, sobbing, and can't get enough of Attack of the Redneck Mommy. I went from her blog to the next, then the next, then the next....well, you get the picture. Before I knew it, it was 3:20am and Riley was still awake next to me. I wonder if he was looking at me thinking "what is wrong with her".

So I finally make myself turn off the computer, let him out one last time to pee, then head to bed. It's now 3:45 and I'm wide awake. What is wrong with me? Maybe it was our 3 hour nap in which we didn't wake up until almost 6pm. But then again, maybe not...

Anyway, my dreams are full of me posting on twitter. But in my dream I kept calling it tweeting. I've never been on twitter, I have no idea what it looks like, or what people even put on it. But after my weird ass dream I feel like I'm addicted to it as much as facebook. What even is twitter? And is it twittering or tweeting?? Why am I dreaming of this? My phone doesn't have the mobile thing where I can post all day if I want, so does that mean I'm a moron if I get it? I'm so confused....

After 5 full hours of sleep, Riley was laying next to me ready to begin his day (damn dog) so it was time for me to get up. I feel the need to go on twitter and it's freaking me out. It must have been some obsession in my dream state.

Oh well, tomorrow we leave for Washington DC!! It's been about 6 weeks since I have seen John so I'm really excited to make my way over there. (Oh, and to see you to mom, love ya!) Today will be full of packinglaundrypedicurecleaning, that kinda stuff. At least that's how I'm going to say it when John asks what I did today.

Riley and I have had a great week at home. It was sssooooo nice watching tv on my own couch, eating in my own kitchen, bathing in my own bathtub, and sleeping in my own bed. It was very relaxing and I'm sorta sad to go. I miss being home but it'll be more exciting when John comes home for Labor Day weekend, then it will really feel like home again. Well, I need to shower (just walked the dog), then actually start the packinglaundrypedicurecleaning process. Then hopefully take a nap...wait, NO NAPS for me today! What is wrong with me??!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer 2010

I have had the most amazing summer so far!! I spent a month in Lafayette and decided to post of pictures of my time there.
Riley and I just hanging out.
Antler's smothered chicken. I ate there at least twice a week. They have the best food!

Katie and I met my Pa-b and Ruth for lunch at Antler's. It was so good hanging out with my grandpa. He enjoys Antler's lunch as much as I do. It's always a good time with some good food!

My Kare Bear and I met up in Baton Rouge for some retail therapy!! We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and just enjoyed each other's company. I miss her already!!!

Some of my cousins met for dinner one night. I have a trillion cousins so it's always so good to see them and spend time together.

My dad and I had some quality time while I was down there.

Riley and I shared a bed.

A bunch of my girl cousins had a girls night at a place called "Painting with a Twist". We all brought our own wine, painted, and talked. It was alot of fun!

Last dinner with my family.

Sunrise as I was making my way home to Indy

This summer has been a dream come true for me in many ways. Being able to spend so much quality time with my family has been amazing. Going home for a week at a time just isn't long enough so this was so great. Also, everyone got to finally meet Riley. My adventure still isn't over. I quit my job yesterday so I'll be spending the next 2 and a half months between Washington D.C., where my mom and Keith live, which is also conviently 20 miles from John, Indy and Sacramento. I'll keep everyone updated on my travels!!!!