Friday, August 31, 2012

Jude Walking!!

Our Cape Cod Vacation

John and I had a great vacation on the east coast. We flew into Boston and spent about 24 hours there, then headed to Cape Cod for Bob and Mike's wedding. Mom was here with Jude and they had a fabulous time. :) Lots of playdates!

Sight seeing in Boston

Old graveyard

Old church

Headed to a night out in Boston

I bought Jude and Jackson matching shirts.

David rubbing John Harvard's foot for good luck.

Our view at a restaurant.

The view behind us.

At Bob and Mike's wedding. John officiated the ceremony and it was a beautiful wedding.

Bob and Mike getting married by the water. So beautiful!

Pug cake

Bags on a table full of candy.

Chowing down on some good wedding food.

Beach at Proviencetown (this is spelled wrong).

View while shopping

We were docking at Martha's Vineyard and we saw this yacht with a helicopter on top.

Apparently the rich frequent Martha's Vineyard.

Martha's Vineyard

David and I doing "the king of the world" on the boat.

Enjoying the boat ride.

We had a really good trip. Thelma and David were also there and it was nice visiting with them. Thanks to Mom who took good care of my baby. I didn't worry at all and knew he was having a great time. :)
I took this video while flying to Boston. You could see the thunderstorm happening and I thought it was really cool.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Y'all, I had a one track mind Sunday night and that was "blog the damn party". Well, I blogged it and completely forgot to add that Honey and Bear were here for the party as well! We have had a great few days, though Bear is already back home. I feel like I was in a fog with so much birthday stuff and errands that needed to be run on my mind, but today I'm back to normal. The new normal. So anyway, we've been running the stores, having lunch, and I am getting some MUCH needed sleep/relaxing time. We had to skip a playdate today because Jude is napping. We'll head to Target and Whole foods later though, with a stop at Noodles and Company along the way. I'll blog more later!

Here are a few pics...
Honey and Jude supporting our Saints.

Bear and Jude hanging out

Looking like Uncle Kyle in this picture.

Birthday gift from Uncle Josh.

His new "sweet eyes" face. It is so darn precious it's ridiculous! Usually there isn't a spoon in his mouth, but it's hard to get a picture and Honey took this one just in time.

*Once again, all pictures are from my mom. Apparently my camera goes in hiding when people are visiting.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jude's Birthday Party!!!

Saturday was Jude's birthday party day!! We had such a fabulous day! Seven babies were there (8 including Jude) and 3 weren't able to make it. (We'll be seeing them soon for playdates. :)) I keep repeating myself, but our friends are the best. I feel so blessed to have found such amazing people to share our time here with.

Jude had a wonderful time, however, he missed his morning nap and crashed after the cupcake "smash". There was no smash to it. Haha. Anyway, here's the party...
Getting ready for his party!

Lovin' on Momma before friends come.

Trying out his new swing!

Jude and Evan

"Hmmm...what is this stuff?"

"Uh, Mom.."
(That was about it of the muffin. He was super tired and just wanted to go to bed.)
"Happy Birthday to me!!!"
And now the party stuff...
Sign on the front door


The plate was on a suitcase.

Baggage Claim = Party favor table. Get it? They needed to pick up their luggage before they left. The party favors were little suitcases.

Front yard

"Inflight Entertainment"

Jude's whole wheat blueberry bran muffin with 1 gram-of-sugar cool whip :)

Party favor

Hanging in the kitchen

This was hanging in the entrance to the living room.

This picture cracks me up. Jackson kept pretending to sleep.
 These are some of his little friends. We had a friend take tons of pictures of the kids and I'm still waiting on those, but I had a few of a few of them.

Jackson and Riley are best buds.

When I get more pictures I'll be sure to blog them.