Friday, August 10, 2012

Jude's First Birthday!

My baby is 1!!! I can hardly believe it.

I'm going to try to hurry and blog this because Comcast still sucks and we're going to be switching soon. John was on the phone with them again today and right after the woman said they would give us a credit on our account, she hung up. We're fed up with what they call "customer service". I would rather pay more for an internet provider, then pay less and have spotty service.

Anyway, back to my baby boy. We had a fantastic day yesterday. John returned home Wednesday and was able to spend the whole day with us yesterday. We had a playdate at the mall in the kids area, then we headed up stairs and had a picnic style lunch. There were 9 kids total. It was fabulous! John thought there was a bit too much estrogen for him, but I thought it was perfect. Haha!
Last day of his first year.

What awaited for our little one on his birthday morning.

From Mommy and Daddy for the birthday boy. It turns into a tricycle for when he gets older.

Birthday breakfast of eggs and fruit.

There were so many "unwrapping gifts" pictures that I cut them all out but this one.

Ms. S and her mommy

Judebug was getting tired

Stroller parking

Our friend brought cupcakes! Sadly, Jude didn't get one. ;)

Once again, many pictures of the carousal and most of them were blurry (Thanks, John). This was the best one that shows all our friends getting the kids on it. Jude was not a fan and clung to me the whole time.

Jude got some good gifts!

We had a fabulous day and it wasn't as emotional as I thought it would be. The morning was a little bad for me, but after that I was totally fine. I crept into his room at 2:12am to kiss him and tell him happy birthday. I was rubbing his hair and whispering to him when he started giggling in his sleep. The tears started for me! I'm so in love with this kid it's ridiculous. I couldn't believe that exactly one year earlier, to the minute, he had just come out of me. Time sure does fly. :)

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