Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jude's BFF is home from vacation!!!

Just before Erin and Jackson got home after being gone for 3 WEEKS(!!), this is about what our last few days looked like...

This broke on top of Jude, thankfully he was totally ok and didn't even realized what happened. I sliced my finger while cleaning it up. Then shortly after I lost my contact as I lunged for Jude who was about to fall. That pretty much summed up the last few days waiting for them to get home.

His new Target ride


Surrounded by tampons

Helping unload the dishwasher.

Patiently waiting to see his BFF.

Mommy's new addiction. Because sometimes 6am is too early for a coke.

Yay!! BFF back together again! THANK GODDDD!!!!!
 Erin and I did some serious grocery shopping at Target and the boys were awesome. We then headed to Once Upon A Child where the boys played while we looked around...
Jude now owns that piano that he loved so much.

Snack time

I can't get over how much this kid loves crawfish etouffee'. He ate it for dinner 2 nights in a row.
 We had a huge playdate today at the mall. It was alot of fun, though I had to wake up Jude from his nap to make it there on time. He was a little clingy at first, but was off shortly after. He really is a social butterfly whenever he's in the company of our friends who he knows so well.
Jackson playing while Erin play with Jude in the background.

Jude and Raydon

So much for Stranger Danger. Jude crawled right up to this woman, stood up, and was all over her. She is a grandma who was there with her grandson, but I brought him back to us after taking this picture.

Loves the wall

Jude and Jackson playing
 All of Jude's friends loved the tunnel. Poor Jude was scared at first and wouldn't even give it a try. He kept crawling around it instead of through it. Finally, after alot of hugs, kisses, and encouragement, he decided to try it.
He's doing it!!!

Halfway there!!!!

And he made it!!! He turned around to go through again. So proud of my baby!!!!
I was the snack lady today. I was giving Jude a snack when all of a sudden Raydon pulled up on me, then Aiden, then Jackson, then Landon. I was handing out snacks to all of them. Erin took this picture and I think it's so funny because they were all eating snacks and all the moms were laughing at how grabby the babies were.

Some of us moms and babies headed to the food court. We made this our stroller parking area.

Our group of moms and babies. Jude is behind Erin's arm.

John was carpet cleaning when we got home. I was cracking up because he was surrounded by 3 vacuum's.

Tuckered out during dinner!

We're teaching Jude how to use a sippy cup. He obviously thought it was hysterical when Daddy was trying to show him, not so amused when Mommy tried.

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