Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Y'all, I had a one track mind Sunday night and that was "blog the damn party". Well, I blogged it and completely forgot to add that Honey and Bear were here for the party as well! We have had a great few days, though Bear is already back home. I feel like I was in a fog with so much birthday stuff and errands that needed to be run on my mind, but today I'm back to normal. The new normal. So anyway, we've been running the stores, having lunch, and I am getting some MUCH needed sleep/relaxing time. We had to skip a playdate today because Jude is napping. We'll head to Target and Whole foods later though, with a stop at Noodles and Company along the way. I'll blog more later!

Here are a few pics...
Honey and Jude supporting our Saints.

Bear and Jude hanging out

Looking like Uncle Kyle in this picture.

Birthday gift from Uncle Josh.

His new "sweet eyes" face. It is so darn precious it's ridiculous! Usually there isn't a spoon in his mouth, but it's hard to get a picture and Honey took this one just in time.

*Once again, all pictures are from my mom. Apparently my camera goes in hiding when people are visiting.

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