Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Cape Cod Vacation

John and I had a great vacation on the east coast. We flew into Boston and spent about 24 hours there, then headed to Cape Cod for Bob and Mike's wedding. Mom was here with Jude and they had a fabulous time. :) Lots of playdates!

Sight seeing in Boston

Old graveyard

Old church

Headed to a night out in Boston

I bought Jude and Jackson matching shirts.

David rubbing John Harvard's foot for good luck.

Our view at a restaurant.

The view behind us.

At Bob and Mike's wedding. John officiated the ceremony and it was a beautiful wedding.

Bob and Mike getting married by the water. So beautiful!

Pug cake

Bags on a table full of candy.

Chowing down on some good wedding food.

Beach at Proviencetown (this is spelled wrong).

View while shopping

We were docking at Martha's Vineyard and we saw this yacht with a helicopter on top.

Apparently the rich frequent Martha's Vineyard.

Martha's Vineyard

David and I doing "the king of the world" on the boat.

Enjoying the boat ride.

We had a really good trip. Thelma and David were also there and it was nice visiting with them. Thanks to Mom who took good care of my baby. I didn't worry at all and knew he was having a great time. :)
I took this video while flying to Boston. You could see the thunderstorm happening and I thought it was really cool.

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