Monday, March 30, 2009

Art Fair/ Lexington

So the dreaded Art Fair was last Tuesday. I know I said I would post pictures but this truly is the first time I have a chance to do so. I was in bed by 7:30pm last night from exhaustion. The Art Fair went really, really well! The parents just LOVED everything. I worked 6 long, hard weeks so it was wonderful to hear such great things. John came and he was able so see the craziness as well. The kids did such a great job! I'm so proud of them! This is the 2 year olds wall. It is so great, I wanted everyone to see it.
This is a bulletin board in my class that I found out I had to redo just days before the Art Fair. It used to have the big red airplane on it. I totally miss the plane but oh well. "Mitzvah" means good deed in Hebrew. The flowers have stickers on them now. The children have to have a good day and if they do they get a mitzvah sticker on their flower. It's like the gold star system.

This is the beach. I didn't take a closer picture because all the pictures wouldn't fit in. But it's my favorite project. The blue is sand. They put glue all over the paper, then put sand on top to dry. The bottom is where they drew their favorite beach activity. We glues seashells on them and made it one big beach. It was alot of fun!

This is one of my walls that I had to fill with art work. It's all my kids art. It came out really amazing!

This is the wall next to my door. It's more of my kids art work. I had more art to put up but the space at the bottom wasn't big enough so I let them doodle with chalk and write their names.
It was really great. Parents got to put little "Sold" signs on their favorite art. The rest of the week was a long one. I'm not quite sure why but it dragged on. Friday I was able to have a 1/2 day of work and John and I decided to head out to Lexington, KY early. We went see my best friend Karie, her husband Reed, and their baby Reynolds for the weekend. It was a great time! Karie made my wedding invitations so I was able to pick those up as well. They are so beautiful!(which you'll see soon enough!) Of course I didn't bring my camera. That would have been a good idea! So, no pictures. It was Karie's birthday Friday and I'm so happy I got to spend it with her. We went to a great Italian restaurant. It was so good I brought my leftovers to work with me today. Reynolds will be 1 April 29th and he he too cute for words! He's so happy and social. John even said he had a great personality! If you know John, he doesn't have much to say about kids in general. I can't wait to see them again!
It's Monday and I have one more full week of work until the end of April. Next week I'm going to Louisiana (YES!!!!!!) and Wednesday my mom will be here!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! The next 3 weeks will be amazing! I told mom she needs to come more often because as I'm typing now John is on his hands and knees cleaning the bathroom floor. He was mopping not too long ago. I love that man. :) Well, I'm happy I finally was able to blog. I hope everyone has a great week and I'll talk to you soon!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Lately I have been in a great mood. I was thinking about it today at work. We have to put up little calendars outside of our classroom for the month that show whats going to be going on. February 28 I put up my March calendar and I was dreading it. It was freezing, snowing, I hadn't seen my family in months, the Art Fair was 4 weeks away, and there wasn't a single thing to look forward to. March looked like it would never end. There was no light at the end of that tunnel. I cross off each day that has passed. The past week I have been in the best mood and it dawned on me why. Tuesday is the dreadful Art fair. It's almost here so I can get it over with. All of my art is done. Next Friday I'm going to Lexington to FINALLY see Karie is is practically family. And she's my best friend so I'm so excited that it's only a week away. We get home on Sunday and that Wednesday my mom will be here(!!!!) Finally family!!! I haven't seen her since December so I'm super stoked!!! Also, she's bringing my wedding dress. People are starting to get my shower invitations.I'll be getting my dress fitted. The wedding used to seem so far off and now it's only 3 months away. After mom gets here, a week later we're going to Louisiana. I get to see the rest of my family(!!!) John will be in Lafayette with me so I'm sooo excited about that! It just seems like everything great is happening starting in the next week. I see a big burning bright light at the end of this March tunnel now. It's getting to be spring time. It was a little chilly today but with a light coat on it was fine outside in the sunlight. I'm working out so I'm not sitting at home every night. Things are really good now. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for next week to come because I know time will fly by after that.

John is still job hunting. However, everyday he runs, works out, spends a ton of time with the dog, cleans if he feels like it, cooks if he feels like it, and just does his own thing. I know he keeps looking for a job but I got to say that I love spending all this time with him. We have seen each other more since he was laid off in January than we have the past 3 years together. We love it. It is so much fun! We're actually a normal couple now who has shows we like to watch, Monday taco night, grocery shopping on the weekends. It's crazy. It's fun now because we've never had this before. I have always known that I liked him as a person and loved him as my John but I truly enjoy him. When he first got laid off we both wondered how long until we were both ready for him to leave again. It hasn't come yet. He cracks me up (even after 3 years), he's a creature of habit (which I love), and he's by far the most laid back person I know who's always on the go. I know that kind of contradicts itself but it's true. Of course every relationship has it's hard times, but it's a very laid back relationship otherwise. We're very at ease with each other and we can just be ourselves. I know I'm marrying him because I love him but I can name 50 reasons right now on why I love him. I was thinking about them the other night and I was thinking I could say them out loud but no one except John and I would get them. I can write on here that I come home to a clean house. But then I would have to explain that I leave home in the morning thinking I have to come home and clean because I'm a clean freak. I call John at lunch and tell him about my horrendous day. Exhausted and overwhelmed I come home to a spotless house and all the laundry done. In that moment I love that man a million times over. Not because he cleaned, but because he knew how frustrated and tired I was on the phone and he thought "What can I do for Michelle to make her life easier?" John is a very thoughtful person and after 3 years he still puts alot of thought into things he does for me. And I do the exact same for him. So to sum all of this up, we're getting married in 3 months. We're not overwhelmed with the wedding. We seldom even talk about it unless there are decisions that have to be made. We just love each other and we can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. The wedding will be a ton of fun, but I think the marriage will be amazing. Well, it's our Friday date night. We had Popeye's and John is walking the dog. I'm about to log off here, make us some ice cream and turn on ER that we DVR'ed. It's the perfect date night : ) Talk to ya'll later!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots going on...

Hey! I haven't written in forever so I was thinking I might take 10 minutes and update. I'm about to go to my free aerobics class. I meet some girls from work and it's always a blast. I laugh through most of it. I chant "Bathing suit!" when it gets really hard. At work we have an Art Fair coming up. It's the schools biggest event of the year. We have 14 art projects from each kid (I have 10 kids) and they're all posted over the entire school like an art gallery. The parents bid on all of their kids projects. Anyway, it's a very stressful time at school now and I can't wait until Tuesday night when it's all over with!!! On top of that, 93 days until John and I get married!! We're getting to the point where we're like "wow, we have alot of things to do, maybe we should get started.." Last night we made 100 favor boxes. Now we have all the ribbon to cut. Thank god I have an awesome fiance' to willingly help me out. He actually offers to help and means it. I love him :) Anyway, so we're doing that. Next Friday we are going to visit Karie in Lexington and pick up our invitations. The next weekend my momma is gonna be here with my wedding dress in tow!!! I am so excited! I always knew we were getting married but it's feeling more real every day. So, not too much going on. I'm sure it will get busier soon enough but I'm just keeping my attention on the art fair and I'll move on from there. Also, it's been nice and sunny for the past week. It's amazing how much happier I am when I can see the sun and not bundle up every time I go outside, or near a window. Talk to ya'll later!Gotta go work on my fitness : )

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sick and Tired

Ok, so I didn't babysit Saturday. Friday night I came down with a badddd sickness. Flu-like sickness. I didn't go to the doctor but I was told by a doctor it seems like/ could be/ probably is the flu. I'm going to self-diagnose and say I had the flu this weekend. It sucked. I was achy, feverish and tired. My head pounded (migraine style) and my throat was on fire. It was horrible. My sweet John was my care giver. He made sure I drank alot, had all of my meds ready, and even asked if I needed a bell. It rolled into Sunday, and then into Monday. By then I was feeling ok but had no energy whatsoever. Tuesday I went to work for less than an hour before coming right back home. I was in bed asleep by 8:45am. Walking one flight up the stairs took all of my energy. I was breathless and in need of a 4 hour nap. Wed. I decided to try the work thing again. I had 5 girls show up and it was a good day. I couldn't stand up much because I would get out of breath so I sat alot. Wed night, things turned back around. Seems I have a horrible cold now. My voice doesn't even sound like me. In Lin's words "you sound horrible, horrible, horrible!!!"( I know you mean well : ) Love you Lin!!) I'm laughing as I type this. Anyway, I do sound horrible.

I told mom a while back that I was one good flu away from being at my ideal weight. I was somewhat right. We've already discussed this and she has had her laughter over it. But I take it back! I would rather NOT have the flu! Sunday I believe I was moaning "i take it back, i take it back, oowwwww, i take it back!" So here I am, sitting/ laying on the couch typing this, not feeling great but I figure I need to keep everyone up on my illnesses.

Also, John decided he's having a neighborhood meeting here, at our house, tonight. He likes to be in charge of whats going on in the neighborhood and have his opinion dully noted by all the neighbors. Hopefully I can hide upstairs and not have to socialize. My plan is to be "sick", which I am so it's not really a lie. I'm just not big on meetings, or neighbors for that matter. They're all very nice but it's Thursday night, I'm sick, and most importantly The Office is on!!! As well as American Idol. How can I watch all that with people trying to be neighborly? Oh well, I need to suck up one more day of school then it's the weekend.

I just looked at the calendar and every single weekend except one has something going on until the second weekend in May. Wow. We are some busy people. Well, have a great night and I'll blog later!