Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots going on...

Hey! I haven't written in forever so I was thinking I might take 10 minutes and update. I'm about to go to my free aerobics class. I meet some girls from work and it's always a blast. I laugh through most of it. I chant "Bathing suit!" when it gets really hard. At work we have an Art Fair coming up. It's the schools biggest event of the year. We have 14 art projects from each kid (I have 10 kids) and they're all posted over the entire school like an art gallery. The parents bid on all of their kids projects. Anyway, it's a very stressful time at school now and I can't wait until Tuesday night when it's all over with!!! On top of that, 93 days until John and I get married!! We're getting to the point where we're like "wow, we have alot of things to do, maybe we should get started.." Last night we made 100 favor boxes. Now we have all the ribbon to cut. Thank god I have an awesome fiance' to willingly help me out. He actually offers to help and means it. I love him :) Anyway, so we're doing that. Next Friday we are going to visit Karie in Lexington and pick up our invitations. The next weekend my momma is gonna be here with my wedding dress in tow!!! I am so excited! I always knew we were getting married but it's feeling more real every day. So, not too much going on. I'm sure it will get busier soon enough but I'm just keeping my attention on the art fair and I'll move on from there. Also, it's been nice and sunny for the past week. It's amazing how much happier I am when I can see the sun and not bundle up every time I go outside, or near a window. Talk to ya'll later!Gotta go work on my fitness : )

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