Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sick and Tired

Ok, so I didn't babysit Saturday. Friday night I came down with a badddd sickness. Flu-like sickness. I didn't go to the doctor but I was told by a doctor it seems like/ could be/ probably is the flu. I'm going to self-diagnose and say I had the flu this weekend. It sucked. I was achy, feverish and tired. My head pounded (migraine style) and my throat was on fire. It was horrible. My sweet John was my care giver. He made sure I drank alot, had all of my meds ready, and even asked if I needed a bell. It rolled into Sunday, and then into Monday. By then I was feeling ok but had no energy whatsoever. Tuesday I went to work for less than an hour before coming right back home. I was in bed asleep by 8:45am. Walking one flight up the stairs took all of my energy. I was breathless and in need of a 4 hour nap. Wed. I decided to try the work thing again. I had 5 girls show up and it was a good day. I couldn't stand up much because I would get out of breath so I sat alot. Wed night, things turned back around. Seems I have a horrible cold now. My voice doesn't even sound like me. In Lin's words "you sound horrible, horrible, horrible!!!"( I know you mean well : ) Love you Lin!!) I'm laughing as I type this. Anyway, I do sound horrible.

I told mom a while back that I was one good flu away from being at my ideal weight. I was somewhat right. We've already discussed this and she has had her laughter over it. But I take it back! I would rather NOT have the flu! Sunday I believe I was moaning "i take it back, i take it back, oowwwww, i take it back!" So here I am, sitting/ laying on the couch typing this, not feeling great but I figure I need to keep everyone up on my illnesses.

Also, John decided he's having a neighborhood meeting here, at our house, tonight. He likes to be in charge of whats going on in the neighborhood and have his opinion dully noted by all the neighbors. Hopefully I can hide upstairs and not have to socialize. My plan is to be "sick", which I am so it's not really a lie. I'm just not big on meetings, or neighbors for that matter. They're all very nice but it's Thursday night, I'm sick, and most importantly The Office is on!!! As well as American Idol. How can I watch all that with people trying to be neighborly? Oh well, I need to suck up one more day of school then it's the weekend.

I just looked at the calendar and every single weekend except one has something going on until the second weekend in May. Wow. We are some busy people. Well, have a great night and I'll blog later!

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Laurie said...

Honey, I sure hope this weekend you get some much need recoup time cause you need it. And John is to much like Keith with the neighbor thing!! what is with them. Feel better, love you