Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This weekend I went visit John in Dumfries, VA. It's about 5 miles from Quantico. There are so many classes going through training that once a class gets to 10 weeks, they are moved to hotels. Johns roommate, Jeff, flew his girlfriend to town and they were staying about 20 miles away so I took up residence in their room.

Saturday we went to Ikea. We are currently looking for a new bedroom set so we wanted to check that place out first. I didn't see any furniture I loved, but I saw everything else. I want it all. I LOVE that store! If we weren't incorporating the 'european lifestyle', I would have bought some stuff! After stopping for lunch, we headed to the outlet mall (it's huge) and then went see a movie. That night we had drinks and dinner with a friend of John's. Sunday was a relaxing day.

This weekend my mom and Keith are going away for their anniversary, so John will be spending the weekend with me here as we dog sit Opal.

I'll be flying home(to Indy) next Mondayish. Not 100% sure on the day yet. Y'all, I'm totally falling back asleep typing this so I'm out!

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