Saturday, September 25, 2010


..there really isn't much going on. I flew back to Indy Thursday and spent the day spoiling Riley. Friday I put our house up for rent and already had people interested. One woman actually came see our house and is currently filling out a Rental Application. Today my friend Kate and I went to a House Warming/Their child's first birthday party. I was able to see people from school that I haven't seen in awhile. After, we grabbed Chinese for dinner then headed to our friend Angela's Engagement Party. It was so good just hanging with my girls again. It was like we weren't ever apart. I'm gonna miss these people when I move.

Tonight I'm spending my time planning our six day drive to Sacramento. The FBI will only pay for us to drive about 300 miles a day so I'm looking up places to stay. They will also pay a certain amount for hotels and food. The lowest they pay is $70 (like Cheyenne, WY) a night for a hotel. But other places (like Salt Lake City) they pay alot so we'll be able to splurge and stay at a great place. Plus, it's a little difficult because it needs to be dog friendly. We have to have all of this taken care of by October 8th and turned in to the Bureau so I'll probably try to finish it and have everything booked by next week.

Monday morning I will be saying goodbye to Riley one last time (hopefully!!!) when I head off to Lafayette for a week. I'm really looking forward to eating seeing my family! Of course it won't be like summer because my siblings will be in school, but I look forward to spending time with them. From LA I head back to DC where John will only have 3 more weeks by then. I can't believe how fast everything is going. A part of me still doesn't believe we're moving. It's very surreal and I feel like we're talking about it like it's a year from now. Totally weird feeling.

I feel really busy, yet not busy at all. My list contains things like call Stanley Steamers, call Merry Maids, call moving people and set date, get house leasing info off Internet, ect.There is so much to do yet, nothing to do. I have to be home for most of that, but I won't be back home until Oct. 29. I think I need an assistant. I don't want to deal with all of this. I want the person I hire to say "Mrs. Bray, everything is booked and here's the schedule of everything I organized for you". That would be nice. But I guess I need to put my big girl panties on and get stuff done! I don't feel old enough to have this much responsibility. :)

Well, I'm going read and maybe watch some tv. G'night y'all!

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Anonymous said...

I hear you me if you need to just sit still for a minute! I would GLADLY be your assistant if I wasn't so freakin far away :) I LOVE YOU and will call you soon. <3 ksue