Monday, March 12, 2012

Yesterday as I was looking through pictures on the camera I came across this video. They totally crack me up! I love my boys.

I also came across these couple of pictures. Apparently these were all taken while I was sleeping in one morning and John was feeding Jude breakfast.
"Is that a camera?"

This cracks me up!

John had alot of quality time with Jude this weekend so I could finally finish up the house. First on the list... Jude's room.
Finally finished!

I bought new curtains for our bedroom.
I had already finished my "wall of love", but forgot to blog it. We have so many mini earthquakes that we rarely feel, but I know they've happened because all of a sudden the pictures aren't straight anymore. I'm constantly going around the house straightening pictures.

This week Jude received an awesome gift from his Poppa! It's a handmade cyprus airplane rocker. We all love it and can't wait until he's a bit older to use it without our help. Thanks Poppa!!!

Our friend came over this weekend to take Easter pictures of Jude. He screamed through the whole thing. I was completely flustered by the end and I'm hoping we have a few decent ones to show. Last night he was in a fantastic mood so I put his hat on and took a few shots myself.

He cracks me up.

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