Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Fun Weekend!

First off, thanks to Mom for taking every single one of these pictures. If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have any to show. My camera never once came out. Oops.

The first night my parents arrived, we celebrated Keith becoming a Colonel in the Air Force. We munched on cupcakes and had a great time. To make it official, Jude pinned Keith. Congrats Colonel Thibodeaux! Thanks for sharing your special day with us. :) 

Jude in his USAF shirt that Daddy bought for him. :)

Having some Bear time.
 The next day we dropped Keith off at the casino and Mom, Jude, and I went to baby Gymboree. We all had a wonderful time playing. Because Jude is in a bigger class now they do different things. This time they played "soccer" and Jude LOVED it! It obviously wasn't a game of soccer, but it was holding baby and swinging his body until his feet connected with the ball. Jude laughed so hard.
Fun times at Gymboree!

Honey and Jude playing in their matching shirts. :)

Jude loves him some bubbles!

Mommy and Judebug playing

Sunday morning breakfast: Egg and bacon quiche.

I love this beautiful face.

My lil cajun bebe'.

 Saturday morning John and I made our way back from Sonoma just in time to meet Honey, Bear, and Jude at swimming. Bear was going to swim with Jude, but since we got there on time (and Bear wasn't feeling too great) John swam with him. Afterwards, we grabbed some In-N-Out and headed home.
I love this picture of them.
 Saturday night we went out to eat at Fat's Restaurant (it's just like P.F. Chang's) to celebrate Keith's birthday. I couldn't get over how cute Jude looked in his collared polo and khakis.
My family

Kisses. Jude loves giving kisses.
 John and I left Friday night for a night at a Sonoma bed and breakfast. We had a fabulous time, but I was ready to get back and get my hands on my sweet baby. :)

We rented a red mustang for our overnight so Mom and Keith could use our car for swim lessons.

It was wonderful having my family here. Unfortunatly, Mom, Keith, and later on, Jude didn't feel too hot. There was a little cold going around. Otherwise, it was a lot of fun hanging out with them. I finally felt like I could get things done because I wasn't constantly holding or running to the baby. The night in Napa Valley was also really fun and it gave John and I a break, which we really needed.

Thanks for everything Mom and Keith! You're welcome back anytime! See y'all in May!


Christine said...

Great pics! Looks like ya'll had a great time. Need the recipe for the bacon and egg quiche!

Laurie said...

We had so much fun with yall too! Already miss that sweet, sweet baby. Love and kisses to all....