Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Pictures

These are a few random pictures I have.
You really can't see here because his hair is so thin, but he has his first curl!

Shopping with Momma.

Hamburger steak and homemade mashed potatoes. Hungry?

Play date with Ms. S. They were born 3 days apart and are the exact same weight and length. They also talk and cry alike so we never know who's baby is making the noises. (Her face is whited out for security reasons.)

Jude has had a really hard week. This is what I've heard everyday (and sometimes all day).

This has been our week.

Tues: Mom and Keith leave for 6am flight. Jude gets shots at 10:30am. He screams the rest of the day. I'm not allowed to put him down for one second. I end up in the car in the garage while he screams in his crib so I can have a break in between the crying.

Wed: A bit better. I keep him busy in the morning, but cries the afternoon away.

*At this point he's having some serious stomach/poop issues.

Thurs: Swimming in the morning than 3 hour nap. Momma is in heaven. Finally, some peace! Jude wakes at 3 and screams for the rest of the night.

Fri: 9:30am I'm on the phone with John crying my eyes out. Jude has been screaming nonstop for over an hour. Nothing I did would soothe him. We go to a morning class, lunch, then World Market just to get him out of the house. He's always good on the run. He was really tired by 1pm so we headed home so he could nap. He cried for a few and I tried using the pacifier. (The same pacifier he hasn't touched since December). He falls asleep with it. Jude wakes at 3 and cries until Daddy gets home.

*At this point I'm realizing he has a few things going on. He's teething, stomach issues, and separation anxiety from me. I can't put him down anywhere at any time or he will lose it until I pick him up. Once I've picked him up, he's smiling. *Grrr*

Sat: Lots of screaming. I've also decided at this point that I'm just going to go with the flow. I'm not frustrated or aggravated at all. We had a babysitter coming at 5pm so around 3:45 John went walk Riley and I needed to get ready. I put Jude down in the room with me and he screamed so hard after a few minutes I thought he lost his voice. His voice got really raw from screaming.

Sun:Screams all through Easter pictures. John and I take turns during the day leaving the house so we can have a break from all the crying. He also hasn't been sleeping well at night.

Mon: I kept him busy most of the day. When we're finally home and I need to cook I put him down and he immediately starts to scream. (The video is from yesterday. I finally have a sense of humor about the whole thing). I simply let him scream, turned on some music, and made dinner. He screamed for half an hour before I picked him up and fed him dinner.

Tues (today): So far, so good. He played by himself for the first time in a week this morning. I was able to get dressed and pack our swimming bag without his screaming. We swam and he is now napping. We'll see what the afternoon holds.

It's been a looonnngggg week. :)

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