Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm back from Louisiana. I had a great time during my Christmas break. There was alot of shopping, eating, and sleeping involved. My 3 favorite things. It was good to see my family, I missed them all! Linda made an awesome brisket and rice and gravy one night and pork chops. Believe me, I ate good! I got alot of great things for Christmas this year. My brother, sister, and I at Christmas Eve. I can't believe how old they are getting! It was really great getting to catch up with them.
I had alot of pics but I had to pick and choose. You know how it is. This is one of my many cousins, Annie. She's my girl!

There are like 7 new babies in the family. I got to hold them all and then give them right back when they started crying!! Again I had to pick and choose which picture, but they were all so cute. None of them cried but if they did, I knew I could give them up!

Here's another cutie! Christmas Day we woke up and opened gifts. Right after that I went to my Aunt Christine's house to eat lunch there. Terry made a roast (delicious), then there was 2 stuffed chickens, rice and gravy, green bean casserole with cheese sauce (OMG!!YUMMY). I had myself 3 plates. PaB if your reading this, I went back for my 3rd plate when ya'll left. I didn't want to look greedy : ) I told Christine I was saving up food for when John gets laid off and I won't starve. haha

I think it's safe to say it was good and we ate alot! Brandy was showing me her food baby. Sexy Brandy! I left Sat. morning at 5am and got to Indy by 11am. I was excited because I hadn't seen John in 2 weeks. We spent most of the afternoon at his parents for their Christmas then we went to his best friend Bob's house for another Christmas. We got home at 11pm and John got a call to go back to work. So I had him for 12(waking) hours and he's gone again. Hopefully I'll see him New Years Eve. Today I was back at work but it was good because I have Wed and Thurs. off. Thank goodness. I need a break!! Oh yeah, and all day Sunday I cleaned closets. I get anxious when the house feels cluttered and I felt the closets were cluttered so I went at them! Anyway, whats new with you?


Laurie said...

I would like to have seen a pic of your food baby! I know you had one. Glad you had a good time even though we missed you here. Love you muches!

BRANDY said...


Michelle Claire said...

Brandy, that is the hottest pic of you I have ever seen!Anyone who sees this will fall right in love with you! I did!!!!