Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Riley!!!

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope ya'll had a great day. New Years eve I was in such a grumpy mood because I kept thinking "John is getting laid of in 15 days". Plus I hadn't really seen him (in exception for a couple of hours one day) for 2 and 1/2 weeks! But anyway, New Years day I woke up in a great mood and ready to cook. I invited over Johns parents for a late lunch. John was supposed to be there but he got rerouted and couldn't get home until that night. The table cloth was $4.99 thanks to a target 50% off sale.
This was my roast. It was so big I had to cut it in half. The other half was cooking in a crock pot. I called mom many times about cooking this correctly. It came out perfect. I was so surprised but at the same time not because I LOVE to cook. It has a calming effect on me. The Bray really enjoyed my dinner, which I was happy about. I also made rice and gravy, a green bean casserole with Ma-bs cheese sauce, and croissant rolls. We had it for dinner last night, I brought it to school for lunch, and John and I just had the rest of it for dinner. Yum!!!

After, the Brays and I decided to play my Wii Fit that I got for Christmas. (Thanks mom) It was sooo much fun and I laughed so hard. They were cracking me up with all that. John got home around 5:30 last night and we went see Marley and Me which we loved!! The book was better, but isn't it always?
I know it's easy to look at everything that's going wrong in our lives right now and it totally gets us down, but, we are blessed. All of our friends and family are healthy. We have a house to live in (as of now), and food to eat. We can still pay our bills. We don't have kids to worry about. And we have the most amazing support system I have ever seen. We truly are lucky is every sense of the way. I may not like the job situation but it could be a hundred times worth and for that we're very thankful.
My resolution this year is to love with everything I have ( no walls!!), to say what I think if I think it's important, to stand up for what I believe in, find ways to better myself, and do things that make me happy. Not you happy, me happy : ) Whats yours? Also, today is........

Riley's 3rd Birthday!!! Our baby boy is 3 years old. We got him when he was just turning 3 months old. I can't believe we have all been together this long. Not long ago he was so small with huge paws. Now he's our 75lb sweet child. We decided to have a little party for him, just us 3. I like how John was home for his birthday and not mine (HAHA JUST KIDDING HONEY!!!)... anyway... we went to the dog bakery and got him some treats. For those of you in Louisiana, there are actual dog bakery's here. They bake treats and birthday cakes. It's amazing the things they come up with.

We got him a cupcake and put in 3 candles. We sang happy birthday to him. He's the love of our life and I'm so glad I picked him and bought him for John with his credit card : ) Best decision I ever made using someone else's money.


Laurie said...

I love your table, it is so pretty. I hope you accomplish all your are such a strong woman...Happy Birthday, Riley, give him a kiss for me. I love you.

katie said...

your golden is so gold! what a pretty dog. and i went to a dog bakery for my old dog for his birthday, too - he loved it!
thanks for the congrats the other day, too.