Sunday, January 11, 2009

Could he be any better?

John and I like to start Christmas a little early. The decorations usually go up around the first week of December. I like it all out for at least a month because the thought of putting it all away puts me in a bad mood. John was flying all last week and I was NOT putting all the stuff away by myself. It's not the taking down so much as the walking outside in the cold to get the containers. So all last week, I left it up waiting for John to get home so we could do it together. When I say "we can do it together" I really mean "John can do the hard parts". When I got home Thursday after work, this is what I saw.... This is where the Christmas tree last stood.On a side note, yes mom that is a second carpet you see, tell Keith thanks for me. *grumbling*. Anywayyyyy,I was so happy!!! I couldn't have picked a better guy! He knew how much I was dreading the whole process. Not only this but he picked up all the mantle things, vacuumed, and brought all the stuff out to the garage. Plus, the table with all the pictures was put back in to place here.(I just didn't take a pic of that). He did it all!! I was so happy I made him dinner! Ok maybe I usually do that anyway, but still. It was the least I could do!

So anyway, not much else. John is officially unemployed. We have been spending the weekend registering for our wedding, grocery shopping, and little other things (post office, library, etc..). I can't believe tomorrow is already Monday. This weekend has flown by! I hope everyone has a great week, I really just wanted to brag about my johnboy helping a sista out!

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Laurie said...

I told you he was a "catch"! Better you than me with the carpet. I am laughing so hard right now with that. Love you.