Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow and more snow...

So this morning I get up, get ready for work, and open the front door.... This is what I see. We got 9 inches of snow the night before. As I was looking at this I yelled "John, your bringing me to work!"
Riley was outside and he loves the snow! This is at our back door. Look how high it is. When I stepped out I went straight down into the snow. Thank goodness I was wearing boots!

I am on my way to the garage for work..yeah I can't believe school was open! My car will be stuck in the garage for a few days. John barely got out in his Jeep with 4 wheel drive. We passed alot of cars that were stranded. Even a city bus was stuck! If you had a car there was a great chance you weren't going to make it anywhere.

I went to school for about 4 hours. 12 kids and 6 teachers showed up. I ended up being the lunch lady and made lunch for everyone. I left at noon (we eat at 11:30), and John and I decided to play in the snow for a while. You can see how high the snow is by Riley. It is still blowing my mind!

This is our street. We're a bus route so they plow it but there's so much snow. Also, if you notice, the reason alot of people are stuck is because the plow moves all the snow to the side and it blocks the cars in.

Riley and I were playing with the stick. We had snowball fights and I wore myself out running through all the snow that went higher than my boots.

I needed just one family picture and this is what I got! : ) The neighbor took it. John shoveled the sidewalk and it's still completely covered! We got another 2 inches this morning so it totaled to 11 inches of snow. Absolutely crazy.


Anonymous said...

WHAT? No snowman? Yep, John better keep that JEEP, no matter how old it is. We see hot chocolate in your future. Miss U and love U.

Lin, Dad, Zack, and Katie

Laurie said...

Better you than me. At least you got off of work. Love you.

Anonymous said...

riley is so cute when he is in the snow love ya