Sunday, February 1, 2009

This, that, and the superbowl....

This is just a cute picture. I had to share it. I was working on my wedding favors and Riley was hanging out next to me. We gave him a pillow so he's be more comfortable. He just watched me work for the longest time!
Here's another one. Out of all that space, this is where he wanted to lay. My baby is sooo cute!

For the Superbowl John decided he wanted to be all domestic. He made cupcakes which were fantastic! And...

He made a gumbo. It was so awesome! This picture was taken after everyone had already eaten. It was a fun night. John's parents, uncle, and best friend Bob all came over. He outdid himself!!

Yes that is beads on Riley! John's uncle (sitting on the couch) is going to Mardi Gras and John gave away some of his beads. They put them on Riley first. My poor baby. So, it was an uneventful week and weekend. My best friend Karie is making our wedding invitations and they are absolutely beautiful!!!! I'm getting really excited as the date gets closer. 139 more days!!

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Laurie said...

Thanks a lot, now I am hungry. and Riley baby is all the grandbaby I need.