Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Us!!!!

Happy Anniversary John!!! It's been 3 years since we were on that infamous 4 day trip. Who knew where it would end up. I fell in love with you way back then because you were a genuinely nice guy. You were friendly, you had my sense of humor, and we talked for hours on end. Now, 3 years later I'm still in love with you for all the same reasons as well as a million more. You are my best friend, my biggest supporter, at times my strength, and your also my weakness ;). You have a good heart, and not only with me, but with alot of other things. We are very opposite on most things but we agree on the important ones, like what tv shows are important enough to tivo :) We've traveled to Europe, flew together, got a dog together, fought, made up, compromised, and kept peddling on together. It's hard to say that this is the best 3 years ever, because I know it's going to get even better. We have done alot of things together, but some of the most important ones haven't even happened yet. I get to marry the man I love most in this world. We get to raise a family together. And I can't wait. There isn't a single person in this world that I would rather go on this roller coaster with than you. So happy anniversary my johnboy. May there be many many many more great years to come :) I love you


Laurie said...

Sha, that is so sweet. And don't forget...your momma approved! Love you both!

Anonymous said...

hey i tried calling you but there was no answer happy anniversary i love you so much and i miss you and cant wait to see you again
love ya

katie (KuKu)

Michelle Claire said...

I love you to my baby!