Friday, February 3, 2012

Jude and Playtime!

Jude and I met up with Melissa and Landon at the mall for a play date. We had lunch, then headed to the kids play area. I assumed I would hold Jude while Landon played. Boy, was I wrong! Jude took one look at the kids running around playing and was hot to run off and play himself! Today I had one of those moments where I was completely surprised by how enthusiastic Jude was. He wanted to participate and was not happy at all sitting in my lap, so we "played". He really enjoyed being by or on the toys to explore. Unfortunately, at this age they learn by putting everything either in or on their mouths. Yuck! Jude also enjoyed just being held in the standing position and would pretend to run when kids ran by him. It was so funny and such an eye opener for me. This kid will be so ready to play when he becomes mobile.

Mommy and Judebug in the play area. He was already moving his legs and trying to run away from me to go play.

I still can't get over how happy he was playing and exploring.

Trying to stand.

I tried to get a video of him playing and smiling, but this is all I could get with the help of Melissa.

I told John about his play experience and we're going to go back with a camera. I guess the play area will be put on our list of activities, even though he's almost 6 months old. He certainly enjoyed it!

Tonight Jude and I are headed to Erin's for dinner. She took pity on me with my husband gone and is going to feed me. I love my friends.  :)

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Laurie said...

Supercute!! and active just like his mama