Wednesday, December 15, 2010


When we moved here, I decided I needed something to do. I've looked for a job (I'm not sure those exist here), I've looked into going to school, and I looked into volunteering. We were also looking into adopting another Golden Retriever until we found out we're going to have a baby. We know it's best not to adopt another dog b/c he/she would be the one to suffer seeing as how we're going to have our hands completely full in 9 months. So then I thought I could volunteer at the sanctuary for Golden's. It's about 10 miles from our house and I really feel that I have alot of love to give to these dogs.

Today was my first day and I LOVED it. Do you see how I stressed the word "loved"? I really, really enjoyed it. The best part is I choose my schedule and I work individually. I don't answer to anyone, I come and go as I please, and I choose what I want to do for the time I'm there. The dogs melted my heart because they all look like Riley's relatives. I'm really excited about going back Monday.

This is my sweet baby laying next to me as I was playing on the computer about a week ago. This picture makes this room look messy but  now all the Christmas stuff has been  put away and all the gifts are sent! Anyway, how could you not want to crawl up next to him and snuggle? He's actually laying on the couch now. You know I can't really leave any room without him following me. I really want a nap now but I'm making crawfish stew for me tonight and tomorrow night. (John won't eat it, unless it's the only thing I cook but I'm having a craving!) And I'm making greek chicken for him tonight. My husband is leaving me tomorrow night. He's working overnight in an area a few hours away and it'll be me and Riley's first night alone. I have yoga so that will take up some time.

We were going to San Fran this weekend for my b-day but it's supposed to rain all weekend long and into the week so we cancelled it and we'll go when they have nicer weather. Well, I need to go check on my food and take a nap, my eyes are closing here!

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