Sunday, December 19, 2010

Go Shorty...

It was my birthday! I wanted to blog more on the post before this one but for some reason it wouldn't let me after Riley's "sleeping" picture. Y'all, I had the best birthday! Nothing like Facebook to know your loved, right? I had alot of well wishing comments. I also had birthday cards, some gifts, and Riley kisses first thing in the morning. John had to go out of town Thursday morning and didn't get back until Friday around 6pm. He brought me home a big chocolate cookie full of m&m's. It looked delicious but seeing as how I'm totally turned off by the sweets right now, it turned my stomach a little. It's the thought that counts though. And he ate my cookie. Anyway, because he wasn't home Thursday night, Riley got to sleep with me. He woke me up with kisses on my face. I'm sure he didn't know it was my b-day but it made me feel special anyway. I like to pretend he knew. So it was a perfect 28th birthday!

John is outside vacuuming the car. Which means Riley isn't allowed in it until after my parents leave. All that hair is too much. It makes me cranky. Last night I swore I was going to take a vacuum to him myself. I'm over it being all over the place. When we had carpet, it was fine. It was well hidden. Now that there's wooden floors, I'm swiffering 3 times a week and it's still not enough. We think he was in the process of shedding his coat when we moved and the weather is so different, it's not sure what to do. So lots and lots of hair. I'm over it. But I love my puppy so I have to deal with it.

Rain Rain Rain. That's all I can say. UUGghhhhh! It's too much. I knew there was a rainy season, I just wasn't prepared for constant rain.  I just looked at the 10 day forecast. All rain. I got an e-mail from the volunteer place that said not to come in the next few days bc there is  supposed to be rain and fog and they don't want me driving out there. (I have to drive on a levy to get to the sanctuary.) So I guess I'll listen?? I'm not sure. I'll see what the weather is like tomorrow and make up my mind. Being pregnant, I guess I'm not allowed to take chances that other people can take. I was looking forward to going, but again, I'll see tomorrow. I'm from Louisiana, I can handle rain! It's the fog that freaks me out. You really can't see anything. On a foggy day, I can look out the window and not see my backyard.

Well, that's about it. Today we are staying in our p.j.s and I plan on reading. I have about 7 baby books to read. They're all different but I like to get an idea of what I'm about to be put through. I hope everyone has a great week. Can you believe Christmas is 6 days away??!!!

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