Sunday, October 4, 2009


This past week has defiantly been the beginning of fall. Last weekend I went to Louisiana and had a blast! It was too short and I wish I could have stayed longer than 2 days. I'll be back for a week during Christmas break so I know I'll get to see everyone then. When I got back from LA it was a whole lot cooler than before I left. All week has been in the higher 50's and low 60's. I was dying for some gumbo last night. It was one of those cloudy, cold evenings and I wanted nothing more than to drive to Soup's for a big bowl of seafood gumbo. This weekend has been really good. Yesterday I went get a pedicure with a friend and did some Christmas shopping. I'm really on the ball this year and that makes me really happy. Today has been so laid back! This morning I made beignets and they were so good. For lunch I put all the ingredients for chili con queso in the crock pot and we had that with chips and some left over roast I had made a couple days ago. The Colts game has been on all afternoon. However, Riley is a Saints fan. So is his momma. Could our child get any cuter???
Our Sunday. Notice the shirts?

Today we put out our Halloween decorations. We'll be picking up pumpkins next weekend.

This is John changing out the screen doors. Now it's time for the glass to go in it's place. We change them twice a year. I know winter is coming when the glass goes in and I know summer is coming when the screen goes in. We don't have much planned this week. I'm still loving my work hours. We're going to have dinner with John's cousin Melissa on Wednesday and his parents of Thursday. Hopefully the week will go by quick, I'm ready for another weekend!!

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Laurie said...

yall are to cute! And Riley is just beautiful! Have a good week and hello to the in laws.