Thursday, November 19, 2009

They are coming!

No pictures this week. Sorry. I tried to blog at school today but my access was DENIED. Are you serious? Blogs are considered so bad they are blocked?? Oh well.. Anyway, this week has been ok. The weather has sucked big time. Lots of cold and rain. I'm hoping it clears up before the Oge's come to town! That's heard me! Linda, Zack, and Katie are flying north Wednesday! They are leaving behind warm days and trecking (spelled right?) into some coldness. I'm really excited. I haven't seen them since September and I am missing them bad. Nothing too much on the agenda. Some shopping, movies, dinners. The usual.

Saturday is our 5 month married anniversary. We're going out to dinner and a movie. Finish Christmas shopping, that kind of thing. In 12 days the x-mas cards go out!! Ok, well have a great Friday!

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