Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Car

We bought a new used car last week. We are very excited about it. John has his Jeep, but it's really old and has alot of miles on it. We wanted something that he could travel back and forth to Quantico in. It's a 2-door and that's the only thing we don't like about it. However, it has the miles and it was the price we wanted. We held our breath as we filled up the gas tank last night and were really surprised! It costs about $10 more to fill up than my car. That's very good news to us. :) Anyway, we're still waiting on the FBI call to let us know when he'll be leaving. Yesterday was a gross day. It rained all day long. Today is much better. John made me some yummy pancakes and we're about to go work out. The time change is kicking my butt though!


Laurie said...

I love it! I heard you are not giving John much of a chance to drive it :) Love you

Michelle Claire said...

Haha! I love being in a bigger car!

LINDA said...

Love it! Surprise, it is blue. who would have thought.

Love You,