Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Last week, John and I decided to try a cajun place on the OTHER SIDE of Indy. It's owned by a man from New Orleans. He certainly had an accent. Anyway, he was out of gumbo (bummer), but I had chicken stew. It was ok. Anyway, the place was kind of cool. As you can see, everyone signs the wall. There were alot of people from Louisiana who have been there. It was pretty cool.
John and I had a great weekend. Friday night we went out to eat and we went see "Role Models". It was funny. Saturday night we went to a wedding. It was very beautiful and romantic. John had a weird person sitting next to him, but that was ok. After the wedding, we took off and drove about an hour away to a Bed and Breakfast. It is such a wonderful little town. We love going there but it was our first time staying the night. The room was beautiful! We got up the next morning wondering what we would be eating for breakfast. Honey let me tell you, that breakfast was amazing! The cinnamon rolls were coated in icing and they had eggs and they sauteed potatoes, peppers, sausage, and cheese together. Holy cow! It was soooo good! Then we got ourselves some hot chocolate and started walking. We shopped for a few hours (and bought some great Christmas gifts!). When we finished shopping, we decided to drive another 25 minutes away to another little town to shop. By that point it was freezing and I was ready to go. On the way home we stopped at a winery. It was such a beautiful place but packed as could be. We bought some wine and took off. It was such a great weekend. I know we have challenges ahead with John's layoff, but I'm glad we got to spend some quality time together before the craziness of everything begins.

This was our bed and breakfast. The yellow sign kind of takes away from it, but it was smack in the middle of town. We never had to carry our bags far, because we just dropped them off as we went.

This is just a picture to show how cute the town is.Very quaint.

We look nice until you get to our feet. I wanted to be comfortable!

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Laurie said...

Yall look cute even with the shoes. That B & B is beautiful. I'm glad you had a good time.