Sunday, November 2, 2008


So I went out for Halloween for the first time in a few years. John couldn't go because he had to work so we decided I would go out with our friend Clint. The night was a blast. It started out with meeting friends from work. My friend Adrienne and her fiance' picked me up and we went to a bar. I met my friend Angela and all of her friends. It was so much fun. Then my friend Clint called and he was going to meet me at the bar. However, the line to get in was way to long. I ended up leaving to go meet him, then we met up with a bunch of his friends. I ended up cabbing it home around 2:30am. This is Adrienne and I. Her outfit was too cute!
These are a few of Clint's friends. I didn't get a picture with Angela and her friends but she was dressed so cute!

This is me and Clint. We coordinated our outfits! (I was a cop and he was a prisoner)

The morning after I was feeling a little groggy. Plus, I had Junior mints and Chinese food so I felt normal again. I WASN'T hungover! I knew I would end up finding my own way home, so I stayed pretty sober but all in all it was a great night. There's more pics on Myspace.
Today I am cleaning the house and doing alot of reading. I am also taking down all the Halloween decorations and going put a deposit down on the Indianapolis reception place. My John comes home tomorrow, only to leave the next day for another trip. But thats ok because I still get to see him!!!!

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Laurie said...

Nothing like junior mints to perk up your day!