Monday, May 18, 2009

Painting and the Weekend

We had a great weekend. Friday night I went to a Couples Shower with my friend Kate. He boyfriend had to move a few hours away for 6 weeks to do clinicals and she needed a date. It was a cocktail party and was lots of fun! I got home about 1am and had to wake up at 8 for a garage sell. John's aunt had a garage sell and we took some of our things there to be sold. We made $18!! :) Sunday was spent doing some wedding shopping. I can't believe it's only a month away. These pictures didn't turn up in the order that they should have so try to bare with me. John and I decided to paint. When I moved in it was totally his room and I didn't really care about it until I thought we're getting married, the bedroom should be "our" bedroom. So we decided to paint. When I say we, I mean John. He did 95% of all the painting and he did an amazing job!! The walls couldn't be more perfect!! We're still not done with the room yet. We're looking for bedside tables and we went to Target and bought a bunch of black frames for our Europe pictures. I'll post when the room is really done but that won't be for awhile so I thought I'd just show the walls at least.
This is the after picture. Right below is the before. I LOVE the plum color. John picked it out and it's perfect!


This is an after picture. Like I said, we're still not done with the room, we're just looking at wall color : )

This is before.

This is after. Our new quilt matches perfectly! We got 2 large black frames for the plum wall.I can't wait to see how it all turns out! Thanks John for working so hard on this!!
Next weekend is Memorial Day and I have a 3 day weekend. Yay!! We also leave school early on Thursday and no school next Friday for Shavuot (Jewish holiday). 3 1/2 day week next week so I'm really looking forward to that!

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Laurie said...

It looks good. Enjoy your week. love you