Monday, May 11, 2009

Indy shower and mini-vacation

Last weekend was my Indianapolis shower. John's sister, Amy, and his 2 cousins, Joanne and Jerilyn, threw an awesome shower for me!! They put alot of work into it and it was amazing! My mom and Keith decided to surprise me and called Saturday morning to let me know they were on their way. It was so exciting!! Lots of people came to the shower and John and I got lots of great gifts. We played a game called "How well does the bride know the groom". Thank goodness I did well or John would never let me live that down!!! Mom and I at the shower. I'm so happy she was able to come. She was the only person from my family that was able to make so I was thankful for that : )
This is a picture I got from Jerilyn's facebook and I can't seem to make it a bigger size. But it just shows how much work and thought they put into everything to make this day special for me.

We FINNALLLYYYYYYY had a warm/ sunny day last week! We grilled out, had the windows open, and got to wear shorts!! I can't believe it's freakin May and it's barely 60 degrees. I'm having a hard time keeping my true feelings about Indiana to myself but my momma thinks I better get over it because I'll be here for awhile. I hope John realizes how much I love him. There aren't many people in the world that I would live up north for.
Anyway, HAPPY MOMMAS DAY TO ALL THE MOMMAS OUT THERE!! I knew my mom wouldn't have her kiddos with her this year for mothers day so i decided to try and see her. I found a pretty cheap ticket, booked it, and set off Friday night after work to Charleston, SC. The weather was perfect. In the 80's and sunny. We shopped downtown at the market Saturday and ate real food (seafood) and shopped the rest of Saturday. It felt so good being in Charleston. When I spent 4 summers in a row there when mom lived there before, they were the best summers ever. I lived at the beach or downtown. I have so many great memories that it was fantastic being there again. Sunday was beach day. We were out there about 2 hours and needless to say I am burnt. I was told to put on sunscreen, but did I listen? Of course not. There was alot of good eating and relaxing. Now I'm home, getting ready for the rest of my week. Every weekend is booked until the wedding. It's crazy. But I hope everyone has a great week!!!!

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