Saturday, August 22, 2009

John's Garden

This spring John decided he wanted a garden. He did it all. And by that I mean that I didn't do n-u-t-t-i-n. He planted flowers in the front yard, sunflowers in the back along the garage, and he started a small veggie garden. These are the sunflowers. I took this picture the day after a huge storm came through. They are all tilting now but that's ok. They are still blooming. The are beautiful.
This one is bigger than my hand. It's massive!

This is John's watermelon. It's slowly growing and making an entrance into the world.

His first tomato! He was very excited about this, however one night something came into our backyard and ate it, as well as our neighbors strawberries.

This is just a bigger picture. You can see how they are all leaning from the storm. John did a great job this year and I suspect next year we will have more things to grow. I'm very proud of his dedication in putting it all together and watering them every night.
On another note, John and I have been married 2 months, YAY!


Laurie said...

Those sunflowers are huge and beautiful!

KuKu said...

the sunflowers are so BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!