Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A couple of weekends ago John, Riley, and I went to Eagle Creek. It's a state park with trails to hike and lots of room for Riley to run around. We decided to take a picnic up there for the afternoon. It was alot of fun! It's $5 to get in and we were there for about 3 hours. We were about to start eating and Riley was happy about that!
My two boys.

I got this picture on our way home. A deer ran right in front of us while we were walking the trails and we saw a couple of vultures. I didn't realize how big they were up close! Around 3pm the wind picked up a little and I read on the blanket. We all laid down for awhile to rest our eyes. It was a wonderful day!

John and I have been searching for the "perfect" couch for a long time. I wanted big, comfy, and something perfect to nap on. This is what we found. We had a very small love seat so needless to say this is huge for us! John took a picture of me laying on it but for some reason it wouldn't download. I take up a cushion and a half. It's also very high up, which I love. I have already taken to time to lie down on it and watch House Hunters.

We moved the old couch into the room off of the kitchen. The room has french doors to close it off. We decided , since it's a sleeper couch, it's a perfect second guest room. We have a guest room upstairs but if we ever had additional guests, we have another place for them to sleep. Granted it's a smaller room, there are no curtains on the doors and anyone can see right it. But it's perfect so no one has to sleep in the living room.
So that's about it. I was a little sick last weekend and I've been so tired this week. I think I'm trying to catch up with my sleep. John hasn't been doing too much. Mostly dealing with the garden that I will eventually take pictures of. He has done an amazing job with it and when I feel like going outside hopefully I won't forget my camera.
Have a great week!


Laurie said...

Love the new couch..can't wait to come sit on it.

KuKu said...

riley looks so cute and funny with his head out the window and i love ur new couch. i love u.
:) c u soon