Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So Coolllllddddd....

This past weekend it decided to get cold. John and I, his parents, his sister and her family, and his aunt and uncle all spent the weekend in Madison, IN. It's a very small town on the Ohio River. There are lots of cute shops. We stayed at a place called Cliffty Inn. It's on top of a hill and it's gorgeous. You can see the river from the hotel rooms. It's so beautiful. Anyway, we got there about 7pm Friday night. John and I went to a small, intimate Italian restaurant. It was so small and the food was wonderful. We met his family at a winery a couple of blocks away and then to the indoor hot tub at the hotel. Saturday we shopped and had massages. Well, me and his mom did. There was a Christmas parade at 4 that afternoon. It sucked though. We all went out to dinner and was back at the hotel by 7pm. We all got into our jammies, drank wine and played Apples to Apples until midnight. Sunday morning we left early so we could pick up Riley on our way home. We really had a great weekend and I'm already looking forward to doing it next year! Sunday night we put up our Christmas tree. It was really fun, especially since we weren't going to put one up in the first place. We are having Christmas at our house January 2 with the Brays since we won't be here for Christmas. Here is Riley in the tree box.
The tree when it's all said and done.

This is what I opened the door to yesterday morning. I was like "Are you kidding me??!!" Oh well, the roads weren't bad. Today was such a weird weather day. It started off raining alot. By the time I got to school the sun started to come out. About 20 minutes later it was sleeting really hard. The wind started picking up and was gusting up to 50 miles an hour. When I left school at 1:45, my car doors were frozen shut. The wind chill was 15 degrees. Yikes!! Unfortunately, I didn't put gas in my car the day before like I should of and the gas light came on as I was driving home. I had to stop and freeze to death as I filled up. *sighing* Lesson learned.
Anyway, nothing much else going on. I work 2 long days tomorrow and Friday. Saturday night is John's sister, Amy's, Christmas party. I'm so ready for the weekend...and some warm weather.


Laurie said...

Love the tree. So pretty....I am jealous! See you soon, love you

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