Sunday, February 28, 2010


Nothing, I mean NOTHING has been going on around here. It's to cold to go outside and I'm over being inside watching tv. We're just waiting for the FBI to finish up the back round check. All this waiting is driving me crazy. Or maybe it's the weather making me a little crazy. Not sure. I just want some kind of plan for the future. It's been so unknown for over a year now, I would like some kind of stability. I know John is feeling a little anxious as well. I can't even imagine being in his shoes but I just stay supportive. I am so ready for Spring. At least the time changes in 2 weeks, so hopefully the weather will change to. I'm also starting to feel down hearing about all of the horrible stories in the world. Between Haiti, Chile, and all of the people hurting in this economy, it's enough to drive someone nuts with the guilt that they can't change it all. It's so hard to hear all those stories sometimes. We are so lucky for what we have. I feel very grateful that we have such amazing families to turn to if we needed. Well, that's about it. There isn't anything going on. John is making a gumbo and I'm still in my pajama's. Just lounging around today.

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