Saturday, February 13, 2010

We're back!!!

We had the most perfect honeymoon! I am so sad that we had to come back to the real world. It was a wonderful 80 degrees and sunny most days. Every morning we woke up to beautiful weather and a big ole breakfast buffet. You can literally choose ANY breakfast you want. Any. I had at least one glass of champagne every day. I was celebrating! Our room, the food, the customer service, the hotel, all perfect. I have most pictures on facebook so take a look! The first day we got there without any airline problems at all. The second day we burned pretty bad. (I know mom, I should have worn sunscreen!!) It was an all inclusive resort so we didn't have to pay for anything while we were there. That included our excursions as well. Monday we took a tour to Isla Mujeres. It was very relaxing. We sat at a bar that had swings for seats. Very exciting! Tuesday we went zip-lining and horseback riding. Zip lining was alot of fun, but horseback riding, not so much. We were sunburned and needless to say, the leather did NOT feel great on my bare skin.

By Tuesday afternoon I was feeling pretty bad from the sunburn. My skin felt like it was on fire and I had raccoon eyes from hell. Earlier in the trip I found out about a Chi soothing skin wrap that takes the burn away. It's for people who are sun burnt. I booked that and come to find out I had $50 off from our package. So I did that and let me tell you, there was no place for modesty in that room! haha. Anyway, it took the burn away and I started peeling by that night.

The rest of the days were spent at the hotel. We did alot of laying out by the beach and pool. The hotel has 3 infinity pools. The views were breathtaking. You could sit by the edge and look out into the ocean. We drank, I believe, every drink they could make. The dinners were fantastic. We had steak every night. It was just a very laid back and romantic vacation. We kept telling each other that it couldn't have been more perfect. As part of our honeymoon special, the hotel put together a romantic dinner. Our table was set up outside with rose petals all over and a special menu. It was so amazing! We also celebrated our 4 year anniversary. There was alot of sipping our drinks in the sun, talking and laughing. It was perfect!

This is where we had breakfast every morning. Mmmm, mimosa!

Bar with the swings. It was fun to swing and talk to people.

Laying out IN the infinity pool. Yes, In. There is a shallow edge where chairs can go. You can see the people in the back round looking out into the ocean.

Our romantic honeymoon dinner.

Last day on the beach.


Linda Oge said...

Sounds like you had the time of your lives! So glad you enjoyed it!

Laurie said...

I like the swings! love you!

Bill said...

It is always best to avoid sunburns, but if you get one, you need to take it seriously. I use a cosmetic product called Regen. It takes away the pain immediately and stops blistering and peeling. A bad burn becomes a tan in a day or so. Look at this: