Saturday, October 29, 2011

Night of a Thousand Pumpkins..

*These pictures were all taken with my phone camera*

John, Jude, Riley, and I went to Folsom for their "Night of a Thousand Pumpkins" festival. It's a small town that closed down their main street and the shops had trick-r-treating for the kids. We had a pretty good time. Jude did not want to be carried in the baby bjorn, which was a bit frustrating because trying to maneuver a stroller on a very crowded street wasn't at all fun. We ended up finding a place to sit to people watch. We had a great time and actually stayed out until 8pm. :)
some of the pumpkins

They had an outdoor movie. People brought chairs, blankets, and there was a popcorn machine for the movie-goers.

Me and Judebug

Posing in front of 10 pumpkins, yet my husband only got 1 in the picture. Hehe.

John making "gggrrrr" sounds with his little cub.

Tired and sucking his thumb!