Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Wardrobe Change!

We are blessed with a really big family. And with really big families come alot of holiday outfits! Halloween is no different and Jude was sent a few. Of course I bought a few things as well. :)
"BOO" bib

"First Halloween" outfit

Little Monster

He found his feet and can't get enough of them.

This is his "OMG if you change my outfit one more time I'm going to lose it" face. He really was over it.
All in all it was fun changing his clothes into all of his outfits but unfortunately he can only wear one tonight. And which one did he wear? None. He's in a diaper passed out on the couch while the trick-r-treaters are grabbing candy from a bowl I left on a bench on the porch. My baby is napping and missing all of the handing-out candy fun. That's ok though. We had ourselves a Halloween Fashion Show!

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