Friday, May 25, 2012

Sorry for the hiatus...

...We're in Louisiana and I don't have the time or the pictures to blog. Check on Facebook.That's where everything is. :) I'm terrible at taking pictures so I won't have many to blog when I get home.

Jude is having a wonderful time! The flight was wonderful and he's doing great, even with 3 teeth making their way in. His 7th tooth is about to make an appearance. I am so surprised how easy this has been so far (not the jinx it), but he's still sleeping through the night (knock on wood). He seems to have adjusted to the new routine and all the people really well. He also started scooting around on the hard floor. It's so funny to watch. But in true Jude style, he does it when he wants to and not a moment sooner. I'm really proud of my baby. He has his moments, but don't we all?

Zack graduated from high school and Katie from 8th grade. We partied for both and I am so proud of them! This weekend will be relaxing, not much to do. Well, I'll update later, but again, just check Facebook.

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