Friday, December 7, 2012

This & That

I am getting so bad at taking pictures, y'all. Jude used to sit still for me, now I can barely get a picture in and it's usually blurry or he's not even in it because he ran too fast. And when I have a lack of pictures, I don't blog as much. But here are some food pictures of our Baby and Momma Christmas play date. The camera was left on and died before I could take anymore pictures. Oops. Jude looked cute, by the way!
Catherine is the hostess with the mostess. We all brought different items, but she made a homemade mac &cheese and ham. It was fab!

She also had a whole spread for the kids. These reindeer pb&j sandwiches were a hit! She also had fruit, puffs, veggie pouches, yogurt, and apple juice for the kiddies. It was so awesome! (Catherine in red, is also the other mom due in May along with me :))

The yummy ham. I had like 5 slices.

Drink bin.
This was his shirt for the party.
Tonight Erin and Jackson came over for dinner. Jude and Jackson sat at the kiddie table. :) They are so stinkin precious.

Jude from the night of our Christmas party.

Play date at the mall. Jude's face is a bit blurry, but he had an awesome time with his friends Ms. S. and Jack. (All August babies!)

Aunt Amy sent Jude's Christmas present early and he loves it. :)

Playing outside
We have had a great week. I'm definitely looking forward to our weekend to just hang out and not do much. P-yton is still growing, moving, and keeping me sleeping and eating alot. Jude is into pulling up my shirt to look at my belly. I know he doesn't have any clue as to what is going on, but I think he notices my belly has grown. He's so cute. I love my little man. :)

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