Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So this weekend was very uneventful. Friday night John and I went to see his niece in a high school musical. She wasn't actually in the musical, she was part of the musicians. She was awesome! We got home and to bed about 11:30 and 7am rolled around. We got up, John made breakfast and my friend Kate came over around 7:45. We left the house at 8:15 because the Race for the Cure began at 9am. It was a good time! We met up with our other friend Angela and walked until about 11am. Riley also came. I think they said 40,000 people attended the walk.
This is us four rounding one of the streets and loving the view. The weather was pretty good,as you can see I'm in shorts.

I love this picture because of Riley. Could he be any cuter??!!
That night we went to Bob's for his birthday party. Sunday was a very lazy day. It rained all day and we went to Lowe's to pick out colors for our bedroom. We haven't started painting yet. We taped alot of the moldings and I bought 2 different kinds of sample paint. It's 7 ounces but it's enough to put it on the wall and see what your gonna get. We love the 2 colors we choose so we're gonna buy more of it. Maybe this weekend, though this weekend is filling up as well.
Today is 60 days until the big day! There should be lots of planning going on here but we're just too tired for it. Wedding stuff/ lists/ etc. ooorrr pj's/tv shows/ glass of wine. Not a hard decision is it? So, I'm about to log off here and go curl up on the couch because American Idol is on tonight!!

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Laurie said...

I thought you put paint on the walls! Better get crackin'....